Anyone work at Karmanos?

  1. I am currently working on a surgical-oncology unit in a suburban hospital and have about 9 months experience. I have always wanted to be an oncology nurse, and my hospital only has a small percentage of oncology patients. I got a call to interview at Karmanos, and I am curious to know if anyone out there could give me more information on what it's like over there. My current workplace has a pretty high pt turnover of discharges/admits, which is stressful for me, but I really like the people I work with and it's a very teamwork oriented unit. As much as I would love to work exclusively in the oncology realm, I am worried about leaving a unit I am finally becoming comfortable in. I'm going to go to the interview to at least hear what they have to offer...anyone have any opinions about Karmanos?
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  3. by   faith2011
    Hey NBMom1225. I have an interview with Karmanos on Tuesday in the BMT unit. I was wondering how that interview went and if you took the job. If so, how is it?