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I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who applied to the Michigan State or University of Michigan accelerated programs for 2010? I applied to both but haven't heard anything back yet. I just wanted to know if anyone... Read More

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    Hi, I am starting EMUs 2nd bachelor accelerated program this fall, 2010. I just wanted to say that I started the process a year ago because I needed to take all of the prereqs first. I've met with two different advisors in the nursing office (in addition to a counselor in the second bachelor's admissions department) and I found everyone to be helpful and pleasant while at the same time they were upfront and told me what I was up against: you need a high gpa to get in to EMU's programs and, yes, they do give preference to people who took the three science class prereqs (two A&P classes and Chem 120). Because it is a decently-priced program in comparison to UM, MSU and others, there are many applicants. They take working experience in a health setting into consideration and everything is on a points basis. I have heard that others got in that did not take all of their prereqs at EMU. I have not heard anything negative about the process... it is what it is. If you don't get in, try again next year.

    At one time EMUs accelerated program was 16 months. It is now 20 months, year around. So, really, it is almost like a traditional program but accelerated by only a semester, really. I liked that idea. I, too, wasn't sure I was going to feel prepared for the profession if I took a 12-month program. I also like the fact that in the last cohort or two of EMUs program everyone passed the NCLEX on the first try.

    I feel fortunate to have been accepted, but if I had not, I would have applied to other programs. I am glad my experience with staff at EMU was good, but please don't let an unpleasant person or two deter you from going for the program you think is best from you. The entrance people and counselors are not the ones who will be teaching you and I've heard a lot of praise and not much negativity on the part of current nursing students at EMU about teaching staff. The key is to examine each school on objective measure and not on an unpleasant personal experience with one of two people. After all, I think we're going to run into some pretty unpleasant sick people along the way and you just have to deal with people as they come to you! ; )

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    Hi DriventoDream

    I went to an EMU information session a few years ago and I heard they use a point system now. Can you give me the new admission criteria? I heard you got points for TEAS test and for Healthcare experience, but that is all I know. Do you by any chance know how many points a person needs to be competitive enough to get into EMU accelerated BSN program?
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    I am applying to both University of Michigan and Michigan State's accelerated, 2nd degree program for 2014. I have a 3.55 cumulative gpa and have taken all the pre-reqs at MSU with a cumulative pre-req gpa for a 3.4 or 3.5. What do you think my chances of getting in are? I also heard UofM is no longer doing rolling admissions and is only requiring an application due date...not sure if that's true.

    Any thoughts? I have had some volunteering at a hospital (1 summer in the PACU 4 yrs ago) and am starting to volunteer again at a local blood center. I have also worked as a pharmacy technician at a retail pharmacy for 5 years and as a veterinary assistant for 1 year.

    Thank you!

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