Any nurses in MI working mandated OT? Any nurses in MI working mandated OT? | allnurses

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Any nurses in MI working mandated OT?

  1. 0 I am working on a presentation for mandated OT in Michigan and welcome any comments, venting, concerns, error examples, etc. regarding mandated OT that you are aware of. I was also wondering how common it is in Michigan.

    Is there anything you or your co-workers do or have tried to do to fix some of the problems with working so many hours?

    Thank you!
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    This is an ongoing problem where I work. I'll be busy doing my job, then turn around and see that management has booked it out the door leaving me with no relief at the end of my shift. I face patient abandonment vs staying. Guess which option I am forced to take?

    We have complained repeatedly to no avail. I've talked to the president of the hospital. I have brought up staffing issues days in advance so they can plan for coverage and they do not. Nobody cares that we have lives, and obligations outside of work.

    Had they not footed the bill for my education leaving me bound for a couple more years, I'd be out of there. But I can't afford to pay that much back all at once.