Acceptance to Macomb Nursing Program 2009

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    Has anyone received their acceptance letter for Macomb's School of Nursing?

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    No, we haven't... but search for "2009 MCC Count". There is a thread about 2009 MCC it's time we start the count down". Lots of good info there!
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    Thanks for the info and good luck to you.
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    Aww thank you and the best of luck to you too! If you have any problems finding that thread, just let me know!
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    For next year people wondering when it happened: I got my acceptance letter May 27, 2009. I found out my start date on June 15, 2009 (they said we'd get it by the 20th).
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    Janaque, if you are still on the site.... thank you for thinking of your future young!
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    You're welcome! It's a very stressful waiting time, but it doesn't get less stressful once you get in - it gets more!

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