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    Odd. I have never had this issue. I HAVE had a patient say that I was a jerk once, but of course I'm not (lol). You have to remember that perception of the patient is their TRUTH and reality, so if they perceive something, even if skewed, they will believe it. Keep the patient happy, swap them out, and move on. Comfort has an impact on recovery...
    BTW- Im a gay male RN- there are quite a few of us, but that's just as any job. Most of my guy friends that are RN's are straight. Myth all the way..
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    Just one less pt I have to deal with-there will be more pts to come don't worry lol. While u are reading this there is a call light ringing.
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    Good point about patient perception ... it is their reality and there is so little they can control while inpatient. Reasonable accommodation should apply here.

    Re the "jerk" comment ... I work critical care so if at least one patient of mine isn't unhappy at least once every week or so I'm probably not pushing them enough (pulmonary hygiene post op, PT regimen, etc) We have to find that balance between caring nurse and pushing (sometimes shoving) the patient forward on the timeline to recovery.
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