Looking to interview a male in nursing for leadership class. Please help!

  1. Hello! I need to interview a nurse that is a male for my nursing leadership project. The questions below pertain to your views on leadership. Thank you for your help!

    1. What is your name? (you can omit this question if you do not feel comfortable
    2. What kind of leadership roles have you had, if any?
    3. Where you went to school? Your credentials?
    4. What do you believe are attributes of a leader?
    5. What is one characteristic or trait that you believe every leader should possess? What is one behavior or character trait that you have seen derail more leader's careers.
    6. What is your perspective reguarding the leadership in your workplace? Are the leaders fair? Are they persistent?
    7. If a person does not contain the attributes of what you perceive to be a leader, then how can he/she learn to obtain these qualities?
    8. As a leader, how do you form an effective and productive relationship with physicians and pharmacists in difficult situations?
    9. What is a difficult experience you have encountered pertaining to leading a group and have you had many experiences where people did not want to follow your ideas?
    10. Do you think a leader should be appointed or can anyone be a leader?
    11. What qualities do you think a nursing leader should not possess? Why?
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