Any guys in nursing working towards Nurse Practitioner?

  1. I am a medic for a fire dept right now about to start a nursing transition program soon. Everyone I know wants to be a CRNA but I think I would rather be a NP in Psych specifically.

    I know Male NPs are rare but anyone else planning on doing that?
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  3. by   trutuyu
    I am. I just received my ADN. I am looking into BSN programs now and plan "eventually" to get my NP. Good Luck.
  4. by   CoolhandHutch
    Almost half-way through my acute care NP program. Lower guys-gals ratio in NP school than there was in my RN program. We're not exactly rare but I do find more male PAs than NPs, your mileage my vary.
  5. by   8mpg
    I was looking to start my ACNP in January though considering a career change. Im really worried about the job market in 2 years. FNP does not suit my desires.