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    congrats on passing your boards. you are gonna love working in the OR. constant change and always learning something new.

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    at my facility we always document lot number and expiration number along with a skin assessment pre and post procedure along with ESU settings.

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    it is a great nursing disclipine and I'm glad to have been afforded the opportunity to work in perioperative nursing. biggest pros for us is that we are relatively new nurses and haven't picked up a lot of bad habits yet that our preceptors have to break us of. haven't had any cons to speak of yet. biggest challenge is absorbing all the information that will be coming your way. I come from the pre-hospital side of medicine (paramedic) and nurses I know in the ED have told me that I would be bored being a circulator well let me tell you I'm not bored, in fact I find the position of circulator being very exciting and fast paced.
    congrats to you also and good luck with your new position. also keep your chin up.

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    Hi All,

    I'm a new perioperative nurse with thus far little over 3 months experience. My orientation is going great and I've been told that it should last about one year. My back ground is a short stint in the emergency department after becoming licensed in June 2012. I also come from EMS and still plan on maintaining my medic license. Just wanted to say hi to everyone out in social media land.

    New RN Circulator,