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    I love 3 8/9 hour shifts with an hour lunch. Only as a NP tho, I don't think they have this as a floor RN. When I did 12s it was good for time during the week, but the days I did work, the day was shot. As I got older and had a family, 12 hrs don't seem to be as family friendly.

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    Why don't you get a pediatric NP to cover what you missed on kids?

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    It's true. Nps are being churned out and saturating the market. I have found that my nursing experience is only s little valuable and specialty has not mattered to employers. I would concentrate on an easy specialty do u can concentrate on school.

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    This is so interesting, this recently happened to me, I was accused of substance abuse due to a conversation that was overheard by another. The other person said that due to my comment I was probably on something. I laughed it off and never gave it a second thought. Later the boss came at me and wants to know the details of the convo. I explained them, but it bothered me so much I resigned. They did not request a drug test though. Are you absolutely certain a drug test was asked for? I took this as an insult and immediately resigned. I was in the job for about 3 weeks when this occurred.

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    I would quit after I had another job on hand. There is nothing wrong with quitting something you don't like! It's your quality of life!!!

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    No,NPs can not replace MDs, they are too valuable! And who would us NPs consult with?[emoji85]

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    Quote from TabDWalker
    were you given lab values? Also, did you have pics to interpret or ecg?

    and, Could you tell me what you used to study for nonclinical portion?
    thank you!!
    Yes I was given lab values but the norms were shown, I got pictures and ekg strip on the ANCC

    For the on clinical portion I used the last chapter in Leik regarding the non clinical

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    Passed both ANCC and AANP .... AANP was harder for sure! ANCC was 50% is research and policy

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    I graduated in 2006 and in Orange County acute care they started me off at 17/hr

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    Yeah I can see what the issue was with the patient. Now the mom will be questioning him about the issue. You can't really tell mom anything since he isn't a minor. I think I would have apologized and said my mistake and somehow talk to the patient privately.

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    Hi all,
    Another opportunity has been brought up to me about working at planned parenthood. Currently working family practice. Any NPS work there who love or hate it?
    On paper the benefits look great, the pay is ok but I think the benefits outweigh the low pay? Any one with thoughts about this?

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    What is the connotation with eating their young? In the hospital I grew up in, it took a long time to earn respect and I wasn't taken seriously for a long time. Nurses and clerks were all very rude and mean until I stood up for myself and knew a little more about nursing then a new grad. That's how i mean eating the young. Please advise me on what it really means?

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    If you are new to the unit, I believe some unit secretaries like to eat the young just like the RNs. They are really tough and know a lot more the some new grad RNs at least at the unit level and day to day activities.
    Don't piss them off, they can make your day a living hell

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    I became a Np because I was a nurse first. If I were you I would do PA it's a lot faster then doing a NP

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    Where did u get information on acceptance rates for UOP np program? I know 2 NPs who did not get accepted there?