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    Started prereq 21.5, started adn 23, started rn-bsn 24, end adn 25, end bsn 26

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    Still getting through it but..

    Family: enough said!

    Reliable car: man I spend so much time in it and have gone through every emotion! It's a good place to calm and recompose

    Computer: not just for school. For games videos pictures.

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    Keep up the good work! But do take time for yourself and friend/family. You'll get burnt out.. Seems like you kinda have. (:

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    Quote from bebbercorn
    I'd also add, don't be scared to say to said nurse or the charge nurse, "I know you're super busy, but do you mind me looking into this a little," also, ask questions of your assigned preceptor. When I have student nurses on the floor and I'm doing something you don't see everyday, I try to pull them into the room, even if they aren't my student. Some are eager and excited, some are just there to finish hours. You can tell which ones I like ;-)
    I love this! I have even fortunate to have met nurses like you. Thank you!!

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    I agree that this issue should be clarified from the instructors in the beginning. I am definitely going to ask my instructor once the program resumes.

    I think I am pretty safe going into other patient's charts since it is for "educational purposes" but I can't help feel that it might be a violation. If I were the patient or their family member, I wouldn't feel 100% okay with random students looking into the chart. I was curious about how the patient was brought in and why she needed the hypothermic therapy. I wouldnt technically have gone through it to give any care to the patient... I feel it's such a gray area!

    Thank you again for responding everyone.

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    In pocket: stethoscope, pen light, pen & highlighter, thin sharpie, scissors, hemostat, phone (allowed), watch on wrist, clipboard in hand

    From the hospital into my pocket: tape, flush, iv caps (?), LOTS of alcohol pads, 2x2 gauze, ky jelly sometimes

    Bag: phone charger, binder with extra forms, documents, assignment, etc., ca$h, girl products, toothbrush & paste. H2O! No books I have it on my phone~

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    For anatomy, I drew parts and took my own pictures with a camera. Then I labeled the anatomical structures that I needed to know on PowerPoint. Then went thru it over and over.

    For physio, I also drew out the process. And recorded the lectures. So then I would draw while listening to the lectures. Oh with colored pencils and a small white board & markers. Drew it over and over again!

    Hope it helps! I still do it I'm nursing school (but less drawing) good luck.

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    Thank you I appreciate the response! I feel it's a gray area as students. I'll definitely be asking my instructor once semester resumes.

    Thank you again!

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    Hello all.

    I am a nursing student and I have some questions regarding HIPAA and picking patients.

    I was in the ICU one day and I saw a pt transferred to the unit from the ER after she had been found unconscious after a massive heart attack (she died shortly after being transferred). She was my RN's patient and at first, I had no idea why she was there or what was going on with her.

    My RN was super busy because she and other staff were trying to do hypothermic therapy? And I was sooo tempted to go into her chart and see why she was there. But I stopped myself because she wasn't technically my patient.

    But on the way home I was thinking... As a student RN I am encouraged to look through the units' patients and pick the patient who meets my objectives for the day. So can I look at other patient's charts to see what's going on especially since she was my nurse's patient? But what if she wasn't my nurse's patient but another nurses?

    I am a little confused at my limits regarding HIPAA as a student. It seems like anytime I ask any RN on the floor "can I ask what is going on with this patient?" All the RN's I've asked seemed more than willing to share the info. Is this technically a violation for them?

    I can't ask my instructor since I'm on break...

    Thank you in advance!

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    When you finally receive the grade you were aiming for, you feel da** proud of yourself!

    When you're driving home from a rough day of clinical and think to yourself, "how did I get so lucky in finding a profession I really enjoy"

    When the patient you've been wiping butt for 5-6x an hour tells you, "thank you, I know you'll be a great nurse" all those sweat and tears (in secret) are worth every drop!

    When you sit at bedside holding hands for a patient passing or receiving advice for hospice care, you feel so honored that they're willing to share that moment with you!

    Nursing schools hard, but you already know that! But it's so rewarding (:

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    I'm in a community college nursing program and I did spend about $1000 first semester including books, materials, insurance, and ATI materials. The books alone were about $600-700 and it was about 6 books in all. And same with you, they told me I'll use it for rest of the program. I thought no way I'll use all in the first semester! But actually I did use all except one. Especially doing my care plans. So I would get what's recommended. But buy used! No point in getting new ones.

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    Hi. I see your post has been awhile but I decided to chime in. I am a current saddleback nursing student-going into my 3rd. So I can only speak for the saddleback program...

    As far as wait list.. There isn't one. You can ONLY apply after you have competed your pre-reqs and teas v test (ATI has good study guide). The prereqs are only 4 classes though: English 1, anatomy, physiology, and microbiology. So there is no "guaranteed" spots.

    The best way for you to get into the program is to do very well in those 4 pre-reqs and the teas test. Saddleback is a point system as you already know and on its website there is a form that breaks down all the points. (I applied to saddleback because their application process was the easiest to figure out-lol.) however, the difference between and 3.5 to 4.0 in the prereq GPA is pretty big, so I recommend taking your time in making sure you get very good grades.

    As far as the counselor, she is absolutely crazy! Obv she doesn't know much about the nursing program. I recommend seeing saddleback counselor who specializes in it's nursing program. Private message me if u want his name. I went to him before I applied and he was a great help. Basically, he told me that if you have over 70 pts, you have very very good chance. He wasn't wrong!

    Okay. I hope I was clear. And good luck!!! Saddleback is a wonderful program and I feel very lucky to be apart of it. As of now, if I was offered a bsn program vs saddleback's program. I would choose the saddleback even if It means I have to go back to school for rn-bsn.


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    This is a great thread! I am also interested I'm doing this for my summer break. Would love to hear some feedback and testimonials, it's overwhelming with so many organizations. Thx for starting this OP!

    I would love to know some volunteer work I can do since I'm just a nursing student, not a professional nurse yet. Thanks I'm advance for any recommendations (:


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    Hi everyone,

    I appreciate everyone's recommendations. As many of you have stated, my nursing program did list Ackley's "Nursing Diagnosis Handbook" as the required care plan book. This is great because it is what most of you have recommended to me anyways! So thank you again for that!

    GrnTea, thank you for your recommendation! The Ackley book is current with NANDA as well. However, I will definately check out your recommendation. I think it might be helpful to have both!

    Thank you all, Happy Holidays woo!

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    Oh and good luck!! Everything's gonna be great ure done!!