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    Whoa! Thanks for that tidbit, Moonchild86! The fact that the callbacks are slow or nonexistent puts some tarnish on that shine, for sure.

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    Can't answer your question about working conditions, other than noticing that the Harris County Sheriff's Office website advert for LVNs has been a constant banner for over a year now. Makes you wonder why they are ALWAYS looking for LVNs??

    UTMB Health appears to have the current contract for Galveston County Jail, according to the website job adverts.

    Seems like LVN job opportunities in the Harris County/Galveston County/UTMB correctional care areas are strong.

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    Most of the updated info can be found on the AAMA website. Good luck!

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    Go ahead and apply -- it can't hurt!

    A "medical assistant" is nothing more than a job title, and carries no specific certification or education. If a physician or clinic wants to hire someone off the street and train them to be a medical assistant, there's nothing stopping them.

    OTOH, a "certified" or "registered" medical assistant is more than a job title -- it's a certification that requires graduation from an approved program (CMA) or a set number of years of employment as an MA (RMA), PLUS passing the national exam.

    If certification is required, most ads will make that clear. However, many smaller offices/clinics are willing to take someone with an adequate entry-level background and train them to be a "medical assistant." These generally start out as minimum-wage jobs, and you learn only what is needed for that particular clinic/physician.

    You have hospital experience, but do you have "clinical" experience? Answering multi-line phones, handling patient calls, medical records, setting up patient exam rooms, running lab tests, blood draws, processing insurance claims, getting vitals, basic health histories and "what brings you here today" info, helping with exams, etc. If they are willing to train you, it would give you some flexibility for future jobs.

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    Have you checked with the AAMA to verify that you cannot sit for the cert exam? If you have verified that you cannot, then your only other choice is to see if you can sit for the RMA exam (registered medical assistant) and whether your employer would accept that method of certification. The RMA exam does require you to have a certain number of years' employment to sit for the exam.

    The majority of states have nothing to do with medical assistant certification -- it's a national certification.

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    ALWAYS. It's a glimpse at the inside scoop of what's going on in your state's nursing world. I'm always amazed at what I learn by reading the minutes. Ours here in Texas are published on the BON website.

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    Best wishes! We'll leave the light on for you.

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    I am aghast that the "nursing" version of the clipboard on Amazon is PINK. Bright, glaring PINK. The non-nursing versions are white or aluminum. Getting patients and the public to take us seriously is difficult enough without having to carry around something an eighth grade girl would coo over. Luckily the decorative glitter and unicorn stickers are sold separately.

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    Quote from iamsansu
    Hi! I just want to know when will be the unification of dha and haad will take effect in UAE? Thanks
    It happened back in January and will take effect end of April. Google told me that in two seconds. Why are you posting this question on this thread?

    Sorry, nicki1234 -- I hope someone replies to your question.

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    I'm waiting to see how their 2013 NCLEX results look. They were wayyyyy down for the ADN program this year. Ouch!

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    HCC Coleman?

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    Excellent post. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder of why we're doing this. Yours was a wonderful reminder.

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    "Getting Through Nursing School: It Takes a Village."

    LOVE the title, Brian! Absolutely brilliant, and absolutely true!

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    Quote from ProthinRN
    How about a "professional" dancer who did (tricks) with glass bottles, which broke into many pieces while still inside an orifice. So much blood...
    Reading that brought a squeal of horror, because I'm betting the orifice in question was not a mouth, ear, or nose, was it.