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    Quote from canned_bread
    It refers to various forms of IV access. A short line has the end into the arm, a long line goes into the chest. We are not allowed to use those terms in documentation due to the confusion it has caused.
    thanx for the replies

    in documentation..what should the terms be?
    acctually i heard this from a friend of mine..when he explain it to me,i still couldn't figure it out..what exactly it was..

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    when i first grad..i work in Gyne+Obs ward..seem a lot of delivery and babies :but i'm not into it:i apply for ER.after two month i've been transferred to ER.At first,there's a lot of things i don't know:even how to put an iv:i start with taking blood everyday..instead of colleagues,there's a good doctor always giving me chance to do an iv for 1st try..and if i failed,he will do it for 2nd..days goes on...and now,i can put IV easily and did not worry bout it anymore..but of course there will be a 'bad' day for me----which i can't put an IV with only 'one go'.... :P

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    1.short line
    2.long line

    what are they?

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    I'm taking Advance Emergency Medical Trauma Care (AEMTC) for 6 month..class are over,and tommorow and for the next 4 month we are posted to ICU,ER,AMBULANCE,PEADS WARD,HEARTCENTRE,ORTHO and MEDICAL WARD..

    I'm so nervous for working experience in ED is just 4 year in private center and I think that my experience is less than my other mate who is working in general hospital which is big and a lot of boom-bass-tick cases.

    I feel like my brain is rusted.Because in the class when they are talking about tension pneumothorax,Myocardial infarction,and so so..they talk like a,while they are out for movie i'm struggling with my books,notes, and other reference..i do envy them...they no need to work so hard but they know-its on their fingertips :|

    Tommorow i start my 1st day of posting in ICU..and i hope i can learn a lot of things..but still,I'm so worry to meet the phy in ED (they said he like to ask a lot of question and wont never answer your question but will throw the question back at you---and i heard he is a good Doctor though!)

    i don't know what i'm mumbling about...i just worry...

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    ya...and double the dose of iv
    thanx :P

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    thanx esme!
    so,by giving it iv push undiluted cause no harm right?
    (acctually,in our center we practice this one-not diluted in code)

    but,now i'm taking Advance Emergency Medical Trauma Care (AEMTC)
    and always stated in the books/notes that have to dilute it (1:1000) and now i'm confuse.. whether to dilute it or not....

    But thanx to you

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    there's one case,transfered to our center.male 19 years part time at brick-factory.
    hx:he accidently put his hand inside the "things'(well,i don't know) but makes his hand so badly and sadly injured because
    the impact of the things.
    came with multiple # on his rt.hand ,where on x-ray (the bones are everywhere) and it is almost a miracle to save his hand..
    but,i am so dissapointed that this guy have to wait 5 hours to b transferred to our center and his hand already bluish..
    but still i'm shock that this young guy so calm..-all his friend and girlfriend crying when our orthopedic surgeon explain the problem n risk..
    before his friend and girlfriend come,this young gentlemen spoke to me almost whisper "Don't let my friend see my hand,otherwise they don't eat their dinner tonight" is thinking about his friend appetite...please,your hand is more urgent !!

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    1:10 000

    In cardiac arrest,epi 1:10 000 given, correct? And 1:1000 in anaphylaxis?

    1. What will happen if epi 1:1000 given in cardiac arrest??
    2. Should 1:1000 diluted to 10ml before giving it to pt in cardiac arrest? As before this (I'm taking AEMTC now)-as I remembered,we (in our ER dept) never dilute it..I never really cared about it before, but now.Ii do care..

    Any correction and explanation?

    Thank you in advance.

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    thanx papaw John..and thanx to raindrop for starting this topic!<br>i got it now...thanx a lot!!