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    Quote from Nascar nurse
    If you really didn't need to call you might get yelled at. If you fail to call when you should someone might die!

    Seriously, some people (including doctors) are just jerks.
    I agreed but I preferred to be yelled at than let someone died which is thousand times worst.

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    "Please, help my son! He is dying!" - a middle aged man screamed as he entered the emergency room.

    I looked up and saw one little boy age of nine in his arm with so much blood on his body. The blood is whooshing from the boy's body ... at this point, I'm not sure where it's coming from. Oh, God!

    I guided the father to resuscitation room or red zone. Alerted the doctor and got help from ward's staff. Gave patient oxygen and set up all the cardiac monitor and blood pressure cuff. While doing everything I realize that there was a huge, deep, and open trauma on his back at the scapula region. I can see through it.

    I instructed the hospital assistant to help me press the wound to stop the bleeding. As I helped the doctor in assisting him in intubation. At this point, I thought only a miracle can stop the bleeding. A few minutes felt like hours - "Where is the other staff?"

    "Please I need help! I need someone to set the IV cannula! This boy is losing so much blood!" After successful intubation, I gave chest compression while the father was helping in giving manual ventilation through bag ventilation mask - with a lot of tears in his eyes while the doctor is trying to get vein for IV. An RN arrived, she stepped back after seeing so much blood. "Sorry, I can't stand to see all the blood." I was shocked when the words came out from her mouth.

    "Oh, My God! Help me please. Get me someone else!"

    Being new RN grad and working in this small center makes me have to work on myself really hard with a little experience. On that day, I'm working afternoon shift with two hospital assistant and one medical officer and it's on a holiday! I'm putting all my knowledge and what I learn through the three years of nursing school and clinical.

    The center that hired me is small but have a BIG sign of EMERGENCY 24 HOURS outside of the building with a bright light and you can saw it from 1000 meter far but the facilities and staffing is poor. That condition put my career and other patient's life in danger.

    I just graduated 8 month ago from nursing school and have only 6 months of working experience and they put me as in charge RN all by my own with one doctor and a hospital assistant who doesn't even know how to take blood pressure.

    This boy could have been saved if a proper management, fluid resuscitation, and controlling the bleeding by binding and compressing the wound. When the doctor gave instructions to stop the resuscitation I couldn't hold my tears.

    Now, after four years in nursing I never forget what happened on that day. I still think about the RN who chose not enter the resuscitation room cause of the bloody body. I remember blaming the hospital management for their poor management and staffing. I even blamed myself for the lack of knowledge and experience I had. I learned from his father that his son was hit by a car while cycling in their resident area and that day was the boy's birthday.

    Being a nurse and by choosing this career, we must be aware that we will be responsible for saving people. We need to accept that seeing blood is routine. Please don't sacrifice another person's life by choosing this career if you do not have the stomach for it.

    For those newly graduated RN, you will be facing 1001 kind of cases and incident through your career. Some will make you feel inadequate. Never give up. It's just another way for you to learn - to become a great nurse. Go on and never stop learning!

    I quit from the hospital and looking for new job at well organized center. Now, I'm in the middle of taking my Advance Emergency Medical Trauma Care certification and I never forget the incident that happen on that day. From that day, I promised myself to become the best nurse that I can be. A nurse who can handle any emergency conditions and save lives.

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    Quote from whichone'spink
    This is a joke, but an ED tech I used to know came up with an interesting way to get patients to rate their pain accurately. Slap them on the arm as hard as you can, that is a 5. Is their pain worse than that or not? I don't think the Joint Commission will go for that though.
    LOL.i'm quite sure I'm recieving my customer complaint and writing incident report in next minute..

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    tell me everything you knew about it..
    because i never know benadryl inj is exist.

    thank you.


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    Quote from brandy1017
    The pain scale is a joke! You are either in pain or your not! Patients look at you like you are crazy how can you put a number on it, its either a little or a lot! Get real!
    thats what i'm tryin' to say...
    about why patient felt uneasy about it..

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    Quote from That Guy
    It is whatever they say it is. I say 10 is getting squeezed out like a tube of toothpaste as a steam roller is running over you.

    And yet they still say their pain is a 10.......sigh
    this guy answered me with smiling face "my pain?10."

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    Quote from abiklags
    I asked "can you please rate your pain for me? if 0 was no pain and 10 the worst you ever had, where would you put your pain right now?"

    our clinical site has pain rating charts in each room velcro'ed with other lang's (Mandarin and Russian I think) on it, as well as the Wang-Baker Faces pain scale. I once pulled it off for a mildly demented patient because she could not answer 0-10. She pointed to the appropriate face and I put it back on the wall.
    this is very helpful for me

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    Quote from hiddencatRN

    "Scale of 1-10, 10 is the worst pain ever and 0 is no pain, how are you feeling right now?"

    How is asking the patient to quantify pain not nice?

    well,you know sometimes there's kind of patient felt uneasy being questioned for the pain score.
    sometimes i get scolded because asking for score.

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    Quote from brainkandy87
    I ask them: What's your pain, 0-10? Zero is no pain at all, ten is you're about to die.

    If they say "twelve" or something that's not 0-10, I tell them I need a number 0-10. I can be such a richardhead sometimes. *shrug*
    haha..i feel funny... :>
    but thanx

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    Wow,Thanx for the good and details info and explanation..
    I appreciate it

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    well,actually in our center pain scale score just been practiced and i'm still a young baby in getting pain scale score..and i even do not know / not confident in asking patient that in pain for their pain score.sometimes i get scolded because of asking for 'how much pain does he/she suffered'...

    can you'll guys give me some 'nice' way of getting pain scale score?because i know you'll expert in this..

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    Quote from Esme12
    No you don't double the dose and Yes it is given IVP. The reason to dilute the 1:1000 is need a greater circulating volume of fluid to get it into the circulating system during a code IVP for it to be effective with CPR in progress....... the 1:1000 (1cc) can be given down the ETT undiluted.
    thankssss again..this is what i'm looking for...i'm so i knew the reason why..

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    hi,edmia..but i think you're right..

    but..hey,guys out there i want to hear more of your explanation and opinion ...

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    Quote from NurseOnAMotorcycle
    Definitely stick around. This usually a very good place to come and commiserate with people who have felt the same way. A lot of times I don't even post. i just read through and get all the support I need vicariously through others' posts.
    thank you and i will

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    thanx for your support esme and thanx cez willing to help..
    I'm doin nursing in Malaysia and i'm Malaysian

    thanx too for the warm welcome