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The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Primary Nursing Care

I fully expect that RN burn out will gain momentum in the next few years due to the increased pressure felt by our nurses. Rn's continue to leave the profession, recruitment is tight and hospitals have to tighten their budgets to reflect the current ecconmical crisis. Whilst we all acknowlege that our priority is high quality patient care, we have to question what cost? Where I used to work, 8 nurses have left in the recent months and not 1 nurse has been employed to fill in the gap. The... Read More →

Socialized Medicine: The Argument to Support moving forward

Many people have a misunderstanding that if the government funds health care then THEY control our health care - a concept which in all reality is impossible. What they do provide is funding for hospitals and any facility that delivers health care. It's up to the facilities to decide how to spend the funds allocated to them. They will run things as they do now except they would have a lot more input and would not be controlled by the insurance companies as they are today. There would... Read More →

Socialised Medicine part 2

I found this interesting article on the internet which I would like to share with the readers of my blog, and which I am sure many will find interesting, thought provoking and extreemly relevent to my current theme. This is written by a young aspiring politcian in the UK. Read More →

Verbal, Written warnings and Termination

i know a lot of health care employees are worried or concerned they may be on the ladder from verbal warning to written warnings and then fired. for many this is not an unrealistic fear it is something which is affecting their daily working life and erodes into their home life. for some employees it is something which occurs out of the blue and was totally unexpected, for some they are expecting it to happen because of an incident which has happen either by human error or an unfortunate... Read More →

Socialised Medicine the myths and the facts

Having worked in a country which has socialised medicine I can certainly see the pit falls and the benefits. What I dont understand is the fear behind having socialised medicine In my opinion socialised medicine has more positive benefits than negative benefits. The first and the most obvious concern is the cost to the patient and their family, we all know how devestating an illness can be for pts and their family many times I have witnessed the despair when a diagnoses meant further... Read More →

LUCKY! to have a job

During these hard financial times, I have heard management repeatedly tell staff 'you are lucky to have a job'. Now whilst we appreciate we are indeed fortunate to have employment being told this repeatedly to control a bad working environment is in my opinion bullying, in truth they are getting away with during this period of hardship amongst our community. What I find worrying is that this type of control which is being utilised during this time, will be difficult to overturn once things... Read More →

Quality of Care and Foreign Nurses

Importing foreign trained nurses is no new phenomenon, America has been importing nurses for over fifty years since 1965, according to B.L. Brush and A.M. Berger, "Sending for Nurses: Foreign Nurse Migration, 1965–2002" I would like to examine evidence to see if foreign trained nurses have an impact on quality of care and wages. There are numerous articles on importing foreign trained nurses and this article provides links to some interesting information. Imported Care: Recruiting... Read More →

Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse Part 2

Update on Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse It has been a couple of weeks since we reviewed the ongoing poll about foreign trained nurses in the USA and the trend towards blaming immigrant nurses for taking the jobs which should or should not belong to American Nurses. The opinion is almost equally divided between the main two options - please review poll thread for further information. Now what we really should investigate is when we say ‘foreign nurses’ who... Read More →

Nursing shortages, Baby boomers and the immigrant nurse

So after leaving the polls running for several weeks the one I felt most interesting was the opinion of US trained nurses opinion on Foreign trained nurses, only 54 people voted on this poll which is surprising since we have hundreds of thousands members of which a large percent must be from the USA, (note to myself I must find out the figure from the Admin dept.) A quick summery of some of the reults so far (sorry tried to paste the results in a graph and could not do it) Interesting that... Read More →

Foreign Trained nurses in the US

recently on allnurses i read a thread that bothered me and felt it was worth investigation, it was regarding foreign nurses taking jobs from americans. i feel this is a real fear amongst new grads but in todays financial climate is it realistic or unjustified. firstly i decided to research how many foreign trained nurses there are in the usa. so in research where do you begin? the internet of course, more half of the information i found on google was advertisments regarding nursing... Read More →

It's up to you

I am a UK trained nurse who has been fortunate enough to come and work in the USA, just over 3 yrs ago. Lots of different experiences have occurred during this time here are a few of the funniest things which have happened. I was working as an admit nurse which involves helping out the RN's admit their pts to the floor by undertaking the paperwork involved, which can be a timely event. I have a strong British accent which involves daily explanation of where I am from, why I am here and do I... Read More →

Barriers to Communication

The communication process encompasses every single part of our daily being. The use of both verbal and non-verbal communication is the very basis of how we converse, both on a personal and on a professional level. What is Effective Communication? In order to facilitate effective communication, one must understand how the process works. In its most basic model, two-way communication involves a sender, a message and a receiver. When effective communication is at work, what the... Read More →

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