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Life as an RN in UK in the early 90's

So after my terrible night in a nursing home and my 2 weeks of trying to look like I knew what I was doing on a GI floor. I decided I would join the hospital nurse Bank as they were called in those days which equates to float nurse. I returned to the hospital where I trained and where I felt comfortable, quickly I was working 5 days a week. No such thing as 12 hour shifts in those days your week consisted of earlies, lates and half days. If you were lucky you would get your half day before... Read More →

I was a new RN in 1989! There were no jobs!

Job hunting in the healthcare profession appears to be a nightmare these days and if you believe the media there are tens of thousands of newly qualified RN's actively searching for employment. The media also continue to state that there is a nursing shortage which is only going to get worse as the aging nursing population increases. Most of the aging nursing population (me included) are part of the 60's generation who were fortunate to grow up when food was abundance, food was highly... Read More →

"Bundling" and the renal community in the US

In the renal community life has changed drastically since the 1st January 2011 a new and dreaded word became the norm, the word which strikes fear into the hearts of our community is "Bundling". So what does Bundling mean to you? Wikipedia describes Bundling as... Bundling, or tarrying, was the traditional practice of wrapping one person in a bed accompanied by another, usually as a part of courting behavior. The tradition is thought to have originated either in the Netherlands or in... Read More →

Micro-Management=Poor Morale and feelings of negativity

Recently it has come to my attention that I am being micro-managed, so what does Micro-Management mean to the everyday worker? I can tell you that I don't enjoy being micro-managed and it feels very negative and nowadays negativity is a bad word which should not be uttered! Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary defines micromanagement as "manage especially with excessive control or attention on details". So how do I know I am being micromanaged? I have a new regional director who is new... Read More →

Back Injuries and the RN/LPN/Healthcare worker

The statistics regarding back injuries are frightening with aprox 80% of Adults expected to experience back injuries in their lifetime with 10% re-injuring! When it comes to health care professionals the statistics are even worse, one web site claims that:- According to national statistics, six of the top 10 professions at greatest risk for back injury are: nurse's aides, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, health aides, radiology technicians, and physical therapistsHealthcare... Read More →

RN's and the Cult Mentality

Today I want delve into my previous statement "Nurses are one big Cult" and see whether the statement could have some bearing on reality! I found this web site which actually pasted a warning "Be careful this site contains information that Cults don't want you to know" So I read further out of curiosity and laughed out loud because RN's could seriously fit into 'CULT' mentality. How true is this statement we are expected to obey, policy and procedures, we are expected to work 36/40 hrs... Read More →

RN's are part of one huge CULT!

many of the readers of my blog will know that i had a passion for nursing, it overwelmed me, it suffocated me, it thrilled me, it was my life, i lived, breathed and would have died for nursing. i spent years and years researching best practice. i have spent years educating students and new grads sharing my passion and showing what a great profession they are working in. i defined myself by being a nurse first and everything else second. now 22yrs later i have just woken up in a shocked... Read More →

The small stuff really counts, can it save healthcare jobs?

I talked about managers and your opinion of them in a previous blog entry. Many of you had an opinion and it did make for interesting reading. Now, I want to introduce to you some of the meaningless tasks a manager has to do and why it seems that your manager is always dealing with the small stuff which does not seem to be important. The budget for your unit is of paramount importance to your manager, why I hear you ask yourself what should be more important than 1/ The staff, performance... Read More →

Negative and Positive parts of being an RN

I love the expression 'burn't out' but what does it mean to you? I have never been 'burn't out' as a nurse but what I have been is Overworked-always overworked no matter where I have worked but sometimes I think we dont actually acknowledge or identify when we are not! I find that being bored is hard work too lol Underpaid-well I dont really think I am underpaid but would never say no to a few dollars more Exhausted-Yes in 22 years I have often been tired in fact I think I am... Read More →

Managers can I change your opinion of them?

it is a very lonely world out there for managers. i became a manager of a dialysis facility in august 2010. i was promoted from within, not the best way to start out in your new role! why-because everybody has certain expectations of you which you cannot live up to. you start out with the best possible rationale which quickly turns into realization that in the big bad world of management that 'behind the scenes' is not as it seems when trying to look in. everything and i mean everything... Read More →

RN and a Mother!

I became a single parent in 1989 I finally left an abusive marriage, I was now going to move on with my life and follow my dreams. I always wanted to be a nurse as we often referred to ourselves in 1989, we were also called RGN's in the UK which meant for my American friends Registered General Nurse. Now shortened to RN! I dunno what we will be called in the future! It was ageist at that time I was 27 and was considered very old to be training as a nurse, the average age was 20yrs old. I was... Read More →

Stay well and don't get sick!

Last February, I wrote a letter to the CEO of the hospital I was working for to let her know how pleased I was with the care I received while I was there as a patient having my hysterectomy. She was so please with the letter I wrote that she placed my letter on the hospitals website for others to read. In that letter, I stated how proud I was to be an employee of that hospital. But, now I know the truth and that pride I once had is gone, replaced by anger and betrayal. A couple of months... Read More →

Hello my name is.......and I am OBESE

Obesity what is it? When I googled the word obesity I was astonished to find that I had 156,002,803 results. Wikipedia describe it as:Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems There's even a society for Obesity: The world health organisation (WHO) describes obesity as: Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or... Read More →

Me, myself and Facebook

Facebook, hands up who doesnt have an account??? It appears our new life is now being controlled by this new phenomenon which had dragged many people into the 21st Century it can be fun, exciting and enables us to catch up with friends and family we may have lost touch with over the years. If you havent been exposed to Facebook then you are probably dead or deep in a coma, and everbody has an opinion on it. Businesses are thriving from advertising on facebooks, hundreds of jobs are being... Read More →

Got No Job? Come be an RN !

It seems to me anybody and anybody can do nursing, doesnt matter if you are really interested or not, not important if you care about people or not, not relevent if you have a passion for nursing or not just come along we will train you and then you can look after our sick, eldery, frail, poor homeless, drug seekers. Without passion, without caring, sometimes with little comprehension of what that poor sick person in the bed needs. I am fed up with hearing about people seeing nursing as... Read More →

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