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Protect yourself, Protect your license, and most of all Protect your patient

Did you know that the only way to protect yourself in a court of law is to follow your company's policies and procedures, to the letter! If it is in the Policy and Procedure (P & P) manual, then it is written in stone for your workplace. If you chose to not follow the P & P and something goes wrong then you are not covered by the facility where you work. P & P are available to support, guide, and protect your practice. They are also there to protect the hospital or facility you work at... Read More →

Tips for Nurses Relocating to Another State

Moving from one state to another can be as easy as ABC, providing you plan and make it a nice smooth transition. There are certain variables which you are able to control and there are certain ones you can't. It is certainly easier to transition if you have a job to go to. After you have decided to move states, you have picked where you want to live, the first step should be to secure your nursing license for that state. It is important to remember that many jobs will not look at... Read More →

Emails can get you into trouble

Did you know that there is such a thing as email etiquette - for Work? I don't know about you, but I have tripped into many pitfalls with my emails! Emails can have a tone, attitude, rudeness, and they can be offensive! Many of us use email as a quick way of communicating something simple to another person without considering that written word often has more of an impact than anything else in society! How many times have you read an email, which annoyed you initially, making you... Read More →

5 Diamond Patient Safety Project

Has your facility recently started your 5 diamond projects for ESRD NETWORKS? For those of you who have never heard of it, it is like a 5 star rating for hotels. You achieve a star for each of the projects you implement into your facility. The aim is to improve patient safety, get recognition from the renal community and pts will be able to use the 5 diamond rating to chose dialysis facilities which are achieving excellent standards of pt care. As people we like ratings! We like to... Read More →

If you didn't document, you didn't do it!

Documentation and the average nurse is a hot topic, so you have to start as you mean to go on! Documentation in nursing varies a great deal, what you should document, what you do document and what you don't document. Documentation is a minefield. We have to tread very carefully because one wrong step and it could all blow up in our face. Have you noticed in the health care field, it is nearly always the nurse that the buck stops at? Question is this because we have the most to do... Read More →

Nursing, a 'caring' profession or are we so much more?

Nursing, a caring profession or is this a lame description? Caring is such a mild description of what nurses are about. I believe the word care or caring are no longer adequate to describe what we as nurses do as a profession. I really do think you have to be a special kind of person to be a nurse, over the years I have worked with Nurses from all walks of life, different cultures, beliefs and back grounds. Did all of them care....What does that mean to you 'Care' So what do we all... Read More →

Death and the dying patient, what experiences do you have?

My greatest fear as a new student nurse was how was I going to cope when I saw my first dead person? I had never even had a relative who had died nor been to many funerals. In the UK we don't really have open coffins or calling hours so I had never even seen somebody, who had been beautified for viewing. I also imagined that I would be exposed to copious amounts of blood and guts, and what would I do if I couldn't manage it? So when 6 weeks into being a new student, somebody came... Read More →

Risk Management, what does it mean to you?

To be a nurse we have to have a collection of strengths to stay in the profession. We have to be able to communicate effectively to people from all walks of life, to our co-workers and other members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT). We have to be able to manage conflict, aggression, distress, pain, happiness and death all in the same hour. We have to be transporters, house keepers, councilors, social workers, supporter, educators, mentors, assessors, experts, smilers and the list... Read More →

Be careful what you wish for on Halloween!

When I was a new nurse back in 1993, I worked in a very old hospital in the UK. It was an old TB institute that became a large teaching hospital probably around the 1950's. It had old long drafty corridors which didn't lock to the outside. The wind would whistle through them all night long. The 'wards' as we call floors in the UK were all long nightingale wards with about 15 beds either side. On the way out of the wards we had a couple of single rooms where you would put patients who... Read More →

As a Nurse our whole lives revolve round our schedule

It is time off! We love our time off! We want our days off to be in a row of at least 2 and we want to have every other weekend off. We don't want to work every holiday, every weekend and every Friday night week in and week out! Nursing used to be one of the few professions which worked 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, now that has changed with stores opening 24/7, opening 365 days a year they have joined our ranks of serving our customers all the time. So in order to get this time... Read More →

Full moon syndrome-fact or fiction

For years, we (in the nursing profession) have identified an increase in full moon personality changes among our patients and co-workers. None of them for the better! Yet research does not support our theory that the crazy come out to play during the days before and after a full moon! When it appears crazy at work, I always ask "is it a full moon tonight?" and 9 times out of 10 a full moon is close. Even my pets seem to have more mad moments of charging around the house. Read More →

Is Dialysis Nursing for you? (Part One)

When I was doing my finals many years ago I was faced with discussing 2 specialties one was Looking after the renal patient the anatomy and physiology, the other the CVA/Stroke patient or as now we talk about it as the brain attack pt. (In days of old when you took your finals you had to hand write almost an assignment under exam conditions about your chosen subject of which you had no prior knowledge and was a 3 hour paper) So I opted for what I believed was the easier of the two which... Read More →

Guidelines which helped me, for Student Nurses and New Grads

I have spent a large part of my career working, supporting and educating student nurses, student midwives and new grads. It has been one of the most fulfilling part of my life without exception. I myself have not only enjoyed it but have learn't a great deal myself. I found out early on in my career that I loved hands on teaching, I found I was extremely good at it, was effective in sharing my skills and knowledge and I was proud to see my fledglings go on to make excellent new nurses. I... Read More →

I hate my boss!

Hands up, how many of you actually hate your boss? I can imagine a fair few will be nodding their head in agreement that they hate there boss. I search google with the words 'I hate my boss' and with that simple sentence I found 12,800,000 results. Change the wording to 'I hate my manager' and the results add up to 58,600,000. I am sure if I delve deeper I would be able to find more results, so what does this tell me? It tells me that we in the nursing profession are not alone in... Read More →

Staffing Shortages in HealthCare

I have been a nurse for 22 years and have worked in a variety of hospitals. Now, I manage a dialysis center. I can honestly say that I have never worked anywhere where we had perfect staffing! With new grads searching for jobs you would think that organizations would take them under their wings and provide training and experience. Its' just mind-boggling how we just sit by and not support new grads. I remember the day when hospitals stopped training student nurses ... saying they... Read More →