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    ... when you only have time for either a shower or a nap & most of the time you choose the nap

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    I too hate having so much downtime in my clinicals. I am a first semester student & we do basic care and assessments (for ONE pt) but can only give meds with our instructor present. The nurses always ask if we can help with things but we are not allowed without our instructor present. I get it, but it is SO FRUSTRATING. I also get frustrated when I explain to people that I cannot do something because I have to study. Scene: working on clinical paperwork. I have 3 tests in the next 10 days, 2 of them being finals. Boyfriend asks "hey what were you thinking of doing Saturday? We should go to that street fair downtown all day!"
    Me: "I can't"
    Boyfriend: "Why not? You said you didn't have anything to do but study this weekend."
    Me: "Yeah.... that's why I can't go... I have to study."
    Boyfriend: blank stare "ALL weekend?"


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    WASH. YOUR. DANG. HANDS. You are not only a nursing student, but an adult. Why would you think it's okay to cough into your hands, especially in a hospital, and wipe it on your pants and not wash your hands? Why don't you know how to properly cover a cough? You are making us look bad.

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    Thank you!

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    Hi all, wondering if anyone could tell me what it means to have a guarded prognosis? I went to the hospital today to collect my pt assignment/information for clinical tomorrow and I read in the doctor's notes that the pt's "prognosis is guarded." My instructor wasn't there and the unit was busy so it wasn't a good time to ask the nurses. Thanks in advance

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    Oh man. Take it. Congrats!!!

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    If you haven't yet had A&P, I wouldn't worry too much about it. They will teach you the A&P that they think you need to know in your CNA course.

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    You are straight up awesome.

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    OP, please save yourself time, energy, and money and pursue another career. I mean that in the most polite way possible.

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    Trial & error + planning ahead + time management. The way I see it, you can make nursing school your entire life for 2-4 years and be overloaded with stress and make yourself miserable or you can plan ahead & plan to make time for yourself, family, friends, and hobbies. Sure, you may not have as much time for this but it is just as important to make time for things you enjoy as it is to make good grades and learn the material in school.

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    While we're on the subject- when I read things like this, terrible, ATROCIOUS things that happen to these residents at LTC facilities I have to wonder where all of these people's families are. Are they really that ignorant that they don't realize that patient's haven't been bathed, changed, treated for decubitus ulcers, etc? I have never worked or set foot in a LTC setting so I have no idea. It just makes me curious to know what families say about these things when (assuming they do) they visit.

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    The more you dwell on it, the worse and more anxious you are going to feel. What is the next step for you? Do you mean getting a job as a CNA or applying to nursing school? Why do you say you didn't do the best- did you struggle with certain skills, etc? If you are interested in working as a CNA, I suggest going ahead and applying to jobs in your area. Nobody is going to hire you if they don't think that you are competent, and you will be trained wherever you work. Good luck, and congrats!

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    I am a nursing student and a CNA. My position is a casual/supplemental position on a telemetry unit and I've been working there for about a year. I am fortunately in the financial situation where I do not have to work often, and I will work a shift or 2 every week or every other week to maintain my supplemental status. I work because I love being a CNA and think that it is valuable experience to a nursing student. The only thing is, is that I can NEVER sleep the night before I work. I never have problems sleeping or falling asleep unless I am going in to work the next day. I have no doubt that this is anxiety related, as I have anxiety that I am being treated for. I always make sure that I exercise and avoid caffeine the day before so that I can try to fall asleep and stay asleep but sure enough, I'm wide awake at 330 waiting for the alarm clock to go off. I don't know if it's that I'm worried that I'll sleep through the alarm clock or what, but I can't ever fall asleep and it's driving me crazy. Does anybody have any advice or encouragement?

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    Definitely comparing apples to oranges but it is doable if you decide that it is.

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    Keep on keepin' on. I was rejected twice before I finally got into a nursing program. It happens and it's competitive, but I'm sorry you got rejected. My advice is to pick one school and just focus on their pre-reqs and apply there until you get in. Just because you are a CNA doesn't mean you have to work in a nursing home, but any experience is better than none if that's what schools look at. Keep your head up and keep trying!