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Is this you? "Freaking out! So Scared! Terrified!"

It's the new semester, and we're gearing up for the expected posts from new students with "Freaking out!!" and "SO Scared!!!" and "Terrified!!!!" in them. One of the things you will learn in nursing school is never to deny a patient's feelings. Never, ever say, "Oh, don't worry about that, I'm sure everything will be fine." That makes a patient feel you aren't really hearing his fears, which he might have wanted-- needed-- to expand on, but now you'll never know, and you might miss... Read More →

What do I HAVE to know to pass NCLEX?

NCLEX items are developed in part from knowing what errors new grads make and how. They tend to be of two kinds: inadequate information, and lack of knowledge (these are not the same thing). The goal of NCLEX is to pass candidates who will be acceptably SAFE in practice as NURSES. So-- they want to know what the prudent NURSE will do. 1) When confronted with 4 answers, you can usually discard 2 out of hand. Of the remaining two... Always choose the answer that (in priority order) makes... Read More →

Why you don't need to fear "SATA"

Perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss this kind of question, what it means, and why the NCLEX thinks it's a good idea to test new grads using it. Step away from the piles of review questions, stickie notes, and scribbled scraps of paper for a minute, go get a nice cuppa tea, and take a deep breath. This is thinking time, not grab-the-highlighter time. Read on. "Select all that apply" means that of the four choices given, more than one may be correct. This is in contrast to the "pick the... Read More →

Germ phobia strikes even people who should know better

Someone who was very worried of being "exposed to things" at work posted recently; there were several follow-up posts on being afraid of things outside the hospital, not wanting to touch the shopping carts or the doors in public restrooms, etc. This whole thing brought my mind back this discussion I joined in another context. "Every time I go to the supermarket deli counter, I have this sudden urge to bite my poor cuticles because of what I witness !!! Yup, they all wear gloves alright ! ... Read More →

New nurses wanted.

I have just read a post in a Nursing Specialties forum on Staff Development that makes reference to the need to recognize and nurture new nurses because the nursing-eat-their-young attitude is so widespread. I went to respond to that but realized it might see more eyes here. As a clarification, it is critically important to know that someone who has a bad experience is likely to tell the story 25 times, while someone with a good one is likely to tell that story only 5 times. If therefore... Read More →

Who knew? My defining moment was on my first day!

Who forgets the first day of clinical? Even if you've been a CNA or a candy-striper, getting up and putting on that spandy-new student nurse uniform and shoes, walking into the hospital, and meeting your new classmates on your first floor is ... . Oh, who are we kidding. Many of us don't remember a lot about our first days, really. Some had genuinely horrible experiences they laughed about later -- much later-- and most of us, meh, maybe not so much. But I did actually have a... Read More →

The answer: Is this a HIPAA violation?

Identifiers This lists the identifiers specifically appearing in the HIPAA privacy regulations. The presence of any one of these identifiers renders health information individually identifiable. If none of these is a part of the information, it is not possible to identify the individual and no HIPAA violation occurs if the information is used HIPAA De-identification requires removal of all such identifiers as specifically defined in the regulations. Read More →