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    Quote from Cindy-20
    Are there any good work/life balance jobs as an NP? I'm becoming concerned that this may not be a good fit, but am half way done with the program and not sure what I should do. Does an NP have to specialize in order to have a better schedule?
    Of course there are, they might just be a little harder to find. Making sure you have a good fit with your potential employing clinic prior to taking a job is very important; make sure you can come and go on time and make every effort not to take work home with you. Spend some time in perspective offices, you will tell right away whether providers are doing notes after hours. Also make sure you have an employer willing to start slow and let you ramp up.

    You really might want to consider retail health: it pays well, schedules are reasonable even at full time (32-36 hours/wk), and everything is done when you leave the office for the night. You can also work part time in that setting easily.

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    At this level flash cards don't work. You need to understand how each drug works. If anything, in preparation, study basic renal and hepatic physiology.

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    It's getting worse and worse as schools in it for the money realize that their biggest bottleneck is preceptors so the solution is to continue admitting students and put the burden on them. It is a shame.

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    Go to the best quality program you can and don't worry about whether it is a DNP or MSN right now.

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    My MAs doing our allergy testing in the office.

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    Ouch! Minute Clinic around here pays $55/hr.

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    Quote from Purrsx2
    Thanks for advice, BostonFNP!

    How difficult was it to learn how to do fiber-optic endoscopy?
    The technical skill isn't too bad to learn, for me was a lot like video games, the more difficult part is making sure you know what you are looking at (physiology vs pathophysiology).

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    You need to check with your state BON and then with the facility P&P to see if you would be allowed to do the procedures.

    I was trained and did fiberoptic endos as a student in an ENT-ONC setting.

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    Both Nursing@Simmons and Nursing@Georgetown are quality programs that have synchronous and asynchronous classes.

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    I did it because it was free, I thought I might need it down the road, and it helped with continuing ed.

    My biggest problem with the DNP is that there is no evidence that it improves outcomes. The data is the most important thing to me, and in this case, there just isn't any. People have "called me out" on supporting a BSN entry while not supporting a DNP (or not supporting MD superiority over NP) and it is for this exact reason: I support what the data demonstrates to be true, otherwise it is just degree inflation.

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    Quote from NeoNatMom
    I'm sorry to pry, but I'd like to ask you what little debt means. I dont want exact numbers (that's def rude to ask), but going to start a BSN program at chamberlain and will finish in 2 years. Only catch is it will cost me around 50 K to complete. I make almost no money now so I feel like it's worth it as long as I know that in the end I'll go from almost no income to 50k of earnings annually. What is considered too much school debt in your opinion?

    thats awful don't do it.

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    Go to the best quality program you can, forget the degree and forget the cost, invest in yourself and your future practice with the best quality program.

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    Are you looking for the PCP to send results? Or are you requesting the PCP to order the labs for you?

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    Quote from RockMay
    How many NP programs require two semesters of orgo chem?
    How many PA programs require it?

    I checked 5 of my local programs, none do:

    Prerequisites >> Academic Courses | Tufts University School of Medicine Public Health and Professional Degree Programs

    Academic Prerequisites >> Physician Assistant Program | Boston University

    Physician Assistant | Prerequisites

    PA Studies | MGH Institute of Health Professions

    Accelerated Master of Physician Assistant Studies | MCPHS University

    FWIW, I took two semesters of orgo+lab in undergrad, and while it was challenging and perhaps provided some important foundation in my science knowledge, I don't see any particular need for it in training for clinical practice.