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  • Sep 28

    Quote from Wuzzie
    This is all well and good if it's a mutual decision for one spouse to support the entire family. That is not the case with the OP.
    He now has a job, though. However, she's upset about that, because he got a "better job" than she has.

    She needs to work through the resentment she is carrying over the past, when he didn't carry his weight financially. That is understandable, and something a marriage counselor could walk both of them through. But he is under no obligation to underachieve now in order to cater to her insecurities about her "identity."

  • Sep 26

    Quote from Guy in Babyland
    I would rather see a school that starts out with 100 and graduates 20 quality graduates than a school that graduates 100 just to get as much tuition money as possible and have those graduates come to this site wondering why they haven't passed NCLEX after 5 attempts.
    How is that any better??? In your ideal school 80% of students pay money and get nothing... ITT was doing that to. The for profits commonly had 30-50% of their students fail to complete the program.

    I'd rather see a school that selects 100 QUALIFIED applicants, graduates 95+% of them from a GREAT PROGRAM, and then 95+% of those pass NCLEX on their first try.

  • Sep 26

    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    In related news, the US Dept of Education is revoking its recognition of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), which accredits the vast majority of for-profit schools. The affected schools have 18 months to find new accreditation before their students no longer qualify for federal funds, including student loans and Pell Grants .
    The federal government is cracking down on the investor-owned career schools' primary source of cash flow by making this important move.

    As a side note, the school that granted my ASN degree is a shady investor-owned entity with accreditation from the ACICS. I am so glad I was able to 'launder' the credits I earned from this school by earning a CCNE-accredited BSN degree from a regionally accredited school.

  • Sep 24

    The only feedback I can offer is that I would not recommend anyone do an online NP program unless they already have an NP secured who is willing to precept them. I work in a clinic of APRNs who are CONSTANTLY getting requests and solicitations from random online NP students, looking for someone to precept them. They all end up in the trash, because I've yet to meet an NP/CNM who is willing to take on an unvetted student that they don't know.

  • Sep 24

    Many of my male veteran pts call me "doc" as a term of respect as they know I'm a vet. I have corrected them but it is a term of respect - they absolutely know I'm not a physician but after ten years I'm not beating a dead horse...

    There are just so many bigger issues out there - like independent practice that I see as more important. I am very well-respected by the physicians in my group, I have great autonomy, wonderful co-workers and I enjoy what I do for the most part.

  • Sep 22

    Also, try public health departments. I completed my women's health hours with an amazing WHNP through the health department.

  • Sep 9

    Quote from NurseGirl525
    I can't get past he was middle-aged about 35ish. Sitting here shaking my head.
    Yea, this is the thing that jumped out at me. Guess I'm the Crypt Keeper.

  • Sep 7

    Quote from logank622
    This is incorrect - Fortis has national accreditation through ACCSC. In Indiana, their RN program has initial accreditation from the BON.
    When we talk about accredited nursing programs, we are talking about accreditation through one of the two bodies that nationally accredit nursing programs and nothing but nursing programs: ACEN and CCNE.

    As for the BON, the BON does not accredit programs; it approves them. Accreditation and approval are not the same and are not interchangeable.

  • Sep 7

    Quote from shauntil07
    If you currently attend here or were interested in this school, make other arrangements to attend another school. I hope this helps!!!
    Easier said than done -- typically, ITT nursing students are people who weren't eligible for legitimate nursing programs. No one but other for-profit low quality "schools" is likely to willing to take them, and the credits they've completed at ITT Tech are unlikely to transfer to any legitimate school.

  • Sep 7

    ITT Tech shutting down all campuses nationwide

    In late August, the U.S. Department of Education barred ITT (ESI) from enrolling new students who depend on federal aid and required the company to warn current students that its accreditation is in jeopardy. ITT also was told that it must increase its reserves from $94.4 million to $247.3 million, or 40% of federal student aid the company received in 2015.
    The financial blow was too much for Carmel-based ITT to bear, so the decision was made to shutter operations, a move that will impact thousands of students and employees.

  • Sep 7

    Well, you'd be restricted to positions not requiring a license, such as PCA, unit clerk, and things along that line. But what you should be concentrating on is why you aren't passing boards- is it a content issue? not knowing how to read and answer the questions? You may even have a hard time finding a job in one of those roles as hospitals may view you as too likely to leave the position before they recoup the costs of hiring and training you.

  • Aug 30

    Quote from Dianna11
    "Snarky , dismissive comment.." yes no kidding. Thats the reason a lot of GNs quit their jobs after a few months, because of people like that, who think theu know everything and us , new grads know nothing. And they MAKE SURE they let us know how little we know. And then you wonder WHERE the say that "nurses eat their young" comes from?? Prime example right here.

    I was just highred on in a Neuro PCU unit , pending my licence BTW.

    So take that haters. Smh

    Bingo! Was waiting for this one. The Godwin's law of Allnurses.

  • Aug 24

    I look at it this way. The MD is like the quarterback of a football team, calling the plays, executing the passes and hand offs and I, the nurse, am like a wide receiver. I execute the orders, catch the passes and run in the ball for the touchdowns. Do I want to be the quarterback? No. Am I proud to be the wide receiver? Yes. Can he win the game by himself? No Can I? takes a team with each player being a trained professional in their position. We communicate and then execute. Each position deserving of respect.

  • Aug 23

    "Hot under the collar" means angry and resentful. It's not a sexual term.

  • Aug 23

    As a gay female, no I do not find male nurses, or any males, attractive. But that's really beside the point. The most disturbing part of your post to me is that you somehow imply that a male nurse who is gay and feminine is somehow something to be ashamed of, and how quickly people are jumping on board to shout out loud how all the male nurses they know are both straight and manly just to make sure everyone knows that they're know....*gasp*...GAY!. Well, that's peachy but I know plenty of gay, feminine male nurses, and they're quite frankly just as worthy. Being a feminine gay male, or a masculine gay female, is not inferior nor something to be ashamed of. Your innate prejudice is showing and that's the unattractive part. If you are so worried about what other people think about you based on your outward appearance and career choice, it suggests you have some growing up to do. And incidentally, did it occur to you that there are also "manly", bearded gay men out there who would probably make you look like a little girl in comparison? Those pesky stereotypes are so inconvenient sometimes.