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    I plan to apply for the Accel program at Rutgers. I was a previous RU student, so their re-enrollment process starts in Feb 1 (ie I can't apply until then). Acceptance letters are sent usually mid March. When I attended their Info Session in Oct., they mentioned that although the website says 3.0 min GPA, the accepted applicants have at least a 3.5. It seems competitive.

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    Unit secretary jobs may put you closer to clinical atmosphere. I think pay would be less than registrar, though.

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    Hi All!

    My first post here. Question is directed to previous, current or prospective Rutgers ABSN students!

    I plan to apply for the Rutgers ABSN program (starts in May 2011). I earned by BS degree at rutgers and re-enrolling application is not available to me until Feb 1, 2011. I will be taking one pre-req (Intro to Sociology) in the Spring. As for the other 3 pre-req's (Nutrition, Human Interactive Proc., and Cultural Dimensions), I would have an option to test out/challenge AFTER I have been accepted. From reading others' posts, acceptance letters are distributed sometime during early to mid-March.

    So my dilemma is...I could either register for these 3 courses in the Spring (i.e. pay for them) or risk NOT taking the course and just test out of them (risky, but much more time and cost effective). If I do not pass any of the 3 challenge tests, then I would not be eligible for the May-start of the program. Any recommendations? Are these challenge exams hard? Is is feasible to study for 3 challenge exams and actually pass?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome, Tainya! It looks like we're on a similar boat. I'm new to this myself. I recently decided to take pre-reqs towards a nursing program. I earned my undergrad in Exercise Science 7 years ago, and have been working full-time since. For the last 5 years tho, I have been debating whether to go back to school for nursing. So finally, I've made up my mind! I plan to apply for accelerated BSN programs, which start in May 2011. The idea of being in the classroom again is quite scary, but exciting at the same time. This forum is VERY helpful and encouraging so far.

    As far as choosing your nursing program, my top choice schools were dependent on proximity to my home and tuition cost. Fortunately, I have very good and affordable schools for my area. But you have to decide what is important to you and what you feel like YOU need to succeed. (For example, I am not willing to drive an hour one way to school, but would consider paying higher tuition for reputation and quality of school).

    I would love to hear others' advice as well.

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    I would recommend taking pre-reqs at CC, then transfer for your BSN. You would still receive your BSN degree in your choice of university; it would just be more affordable and conducive to your school-life balance (ie; commute time is less). However, since you have a full ride a university, then I would say, you made a good choice for the 4-yr school. Congrats and good luck