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  • Aug 26 '16

    Quote from CardiacDork
    I am stimulating a healthy debate. How am I being nasty or argumentative? I've been told I'm on holding myself up on pedestal, that seems catty to me. I'm simply expressing my opinions.
    This is not a healthy debate, you've already stated you could float and perform on the job responsibilities in another nursing field and implying no extra training is needed. That premise in of itself is asinine.

  • Aug 26 '16

    Quote from CardiacDork

    I am not siding with one side or the other.
    Then why are you being argumentative and nasty with every person in this thread? You obviously think you deserve to be paid more than other nurses. Your ICU training does no good on a labor & delivery unit; they are specialized and take on responsibilities just like you. The same can be said about nearly every aspect of nursing. If you want to be paid more for your choices you should CHOOSE a different profession.

  • Aug 26 '16

    Step down off the pedestal. ICU nurses should not be paid more.
    Medical floors can be just as stressful with less support than the ICU caters to.
    Physicians pay scales are structured differently than RN's. Look into how physicians are reimbursed; HR often dominates RN wages with little wiggle room.

  • Aug 26 '16

    We have a $2.50/HR critical care differential for our ICU nurses and a $2/hr differential for our step down unit nurses. I think it's ridiculous. Our ICU nurses are highly trained and experts at what they do, but every unit in my hospital is specialized in some way and has highly trained nurses who are experts in what they do. Our ICU nurses work hard taking care of 1 or 2 patients, but other nurses are working hard taking care of 4 or 5 times as many patients.

  • Aug 26 '16

    You get "paid" more in ICU by having 1-2 patients instead of 7-8.
    I do think nurses with experience in everything (or complicated things) can often negotiate a better pay rate, but it doesn't make sense to me to break it down by specialty. And even "hard" specialties have "easy" days. Would anyone be OK with being paid less on the days when they have a lighter assignment? I wouldn't.

  • Aug 26 '16

    Job hopping is a silly term used by those who have at one point or another felt "burned" by employees who stopped working for them because other employers were offering enough of a better deal in terms of compensation, schedule, or advancement opportunity, that changing organizations or departments was the most logical thing to do at the time. Expecting anyone to stay in a job that has less to offer than another job that they can get for no other reason than some misguided sense of loyalty is rather insane.

    If employers feel that they are burned by job hoppers over and over and over again, then in all likelihood they are not providing enough incentives for people to stay. In other words, they probably aren't great places to work, either because of the conditions or because the employer doesn't want to spend money giving people raises. And in those cases, they deserve to be burned by job hoppers for not being worthy enough to retain employees who would want to stay for a long time. You get what you pay for.

    The more people who job hop, the better.

  • Aug 25 '16

    With all due respect, I think focusing on making another tool for nurse's to complete is contrary to the rest of your post about overworked, overwhelmed nurses. Nurse's are too busy to notice patient changes because they are overwhelmed, so let's add more checklists/documentation?? Um, no. How about we add more nurses??

  • Aug 24 '16

    I do not see you having much of an outpatient client base if you would only see patients in their first month of life.

  • Aug 23 '16

    Quote from Nursein2017
    It's the reason why insurance premiums are increasing.

    I've seen insurance companies billed over 20k a day. It's so unreal!.

    And all those extra services.

    If i'm not mistaken, hospitals bill $1000 for a tooth brush?

    Because they simply could!

    The Ritz Carlton is much cheaper.

    By the way, im impressed by how every post is answered so quickly,

    Do you get alerted on new threads because I don't see where i can get alerted?
    ritz carlton not cheaper, because those who pull this crap dont pay for their insurance anyway. hence the free pampering and drugs.


  • Aug 23 '16

    psych consult. If he manages to get BG to 1000, that's pretty close to lethal. He "might" be serious? I wouldn't take that chance with a diabetic. have 2 teenage type 1 boys. Not something to mess around with.

  • Aug 23 '16

    Quote from GeneralistRN
    Requiring specialized work experience in a given field really undermines the whole point of getting an education. This sort of thing doesn't happen outside of nursing. Not even doctors have to have work experience before they go to medical school or apply for residency: because unlike nursing, medical education provides that necessary experience..
    Not applicable to the NNP discussion. You can't become a Neonatology Fellow until you complete a Pediatric residency. So yes, doctors need work experience within peds/neonatalogy before they can enter "neonatology school."

  • Aug 22 '16

    Do engineers, lawyers and accountants sit around and muse over whether their profession is a calling? Like are they on engineering boards contemplating these deep questions? I've always wondered this.

    I asked my husband, an engineer, if they did, and he looked at me like I grew 2 heads.

  • Aug 22 '16

    Earning money is a passion of mine.

  • Aug 22 '16

    Quote from SunshineeStudent
    My question(s) are why do you have to work in a Level 2/3/4 NICU for 2 years when you can enter an Acute Care Pediatric NP program with 0 experience?
    I think the more important question is, why would a pediatric NP program accept students with no experience?

  • Aug 17 '16

    I'm well proud to say "I'm a nurse" if asked what I do. As far as I'm concerned, it trumps most answers...I'm a lawyer, I'm in sales/marketing, etc. It's a bad ass profession.