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    When I worked in LTC in Florida we were not allowed to do any footcare. We had a podiatrist that came in to do footcare, we just added people to the list for him to see. Same thing here in Alberta. Even trimming finger nails is risky.

    If I was in your shoes I'd ask the manager why a podiatrist isn't coming in to do footcare.

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    Maybe its all a sign that nursing isn't for you.

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    I bet from now on your pay attention and when in doubt ask questions.

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    So, he can't make his needs known right? Isn't this a priority? How can you help him?

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    I left a job because of bullying and mobbing..

    My manager said "we're aware of it and working on it"
    HR said "we're aware of it and working on it"
    The union dsaid "we're aware of it and they are working on it

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    Did you talk to the department head and find out about job opportunities in research? What province are you in?
    How much research have you done into the job market for epidemioloy across the country?

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    You don't have to take people's attitudes and words personally. People are the way they are, for me it easier to accept that.

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    Many things can change in 4 years. Chances are that since you were there for only 3 months the manager might not remember you.

    What's the harm in trying? The worst that can happen is that the answer is "no".

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    I keep telling myself that one of these days I'm going to sit and write an article about "senior lodges" here in Alberta, Canada.

    They're sort of along the idea of an ALF, but rather than be employed by the ALF our nursing and care services are provided by homecare agencies.

    The lodge where I work has around 300 residents who take meals in dining rooms. They are all expected to perform the vast majority of ADLs for themselves.

    But with a shortage of LTC beds homecare goes in to assist with ADLs and meds. None of our clients need help with transfers or toileting.

    I supervise minimally trained healthcare aids, I have 140 home care clients in this lodge, morning shift comprises 12 HCAs, 4 of whom pass meds.

    Thankfully, the majoriety of my HCAs are terrrific.

    Did I say I'm an LPN and I really like my job.

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    Learn to read with a purpose.

    Look at your syllabus, what are you covering in class? Read the information pertaining to your lecture.

    Do you have power points for each lecture? If so, find that info in the text, review it and highlight it. THe info gone over in class is usually the stuff on the exams.

    Review the chapter summary.

    Go to class, take your text and power point printed out, jot notes and page numbers on the power point. By now you should know what you're going to be tested on. Review the chapter again, take more notes and make cards of material you need to know. Review it before test time, practice test questions on a Saunder's NCLEX cd.

    Yup, I made straight As and passed NCLEX first time with minimum questions.

    Dont' let yourself get overwhelmed by looking ahead. Stay in the moment. You'll get there!!

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    LPN is not a consolation prize.

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    Plan, Plan, Plan before its too late to plan.

    I went through 2 major hurricanes including hurricane Andrew in 92.

    You need to be ready not just to "ride out the storm" but also for the aftermath if you do get hit my a major hurricane. Trust me, its no fun.

    Get the Hurricane Preparedness Guide, read it, make a plan, stock up on supplies and get your childcare organized and confirmed. What to bring to the hospital should there be a "lockdown" is the least of your worries.

    I really wish everyone would take hurricane season more seriously.

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    Wow....what happened to real life class participation and a show of hands?

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    I can't tell you how many times I've heard back nothing for ages after an interview. Sometimes they call back right away and sometimes they don't.

    In the mean time, keep looking for a job and interviewing. Never stop the process until you have a job offer letter in hand.

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    In any job personality, team work, and skills are far more important than looks.