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    Help me understand "the nursing budget". What is included in it? When you became a DON, how much experience did you have with the budget? What is your role in managing the budget?
    I'm guessing the biggest part of the buget is nursing hours with OT and agency (in places that use it) are the biggest part?

    I just ask, becasue we are constantly hearing about how staffing needs to be cut and our PPD is too high. I tend to agree that the nursing hours are out of control. Too much OT due to call offs, not replacing staff and the incrimental OT.

    So, what else?

    One day i will take the plunge again but............

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    Quote from kidzcare
    Ha! Little shyster!

    I, on the other hand, failed at being the tooth fairy last night. Don't my kids know that the tooth fairy carries no cash??? They need to lose teeth only during banking hours.

    Sometimes the tooth fairy gets really busy and might come on the second or third or 7th day after you lose a tooth. Truth.

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    Quote from Cattz
    Michelle- Come to Missouri. No certification required, and we have an amazing State School Nurse Consultant. I am the School Nurse that I am because of her. True Story.
    Hmmmm. Tempting, but my kids would probably find me Can anyone point me to the laws/ regs for PA?

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    Flushing with meds is normally covered in the policy/ protocol. I would contact dietary for the flush order if the MD is unable to order flushes.

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    Hmm...I remember this probably more than the birth. My epidurals never really worked that well. It was more of a burning type of feeling. I also remember they had the mirror up (not my choice) and I caught poor cath technique and stopped that right away.

    I've also needed to straight cath myself a few times due to retention with one of my babies. It hurt, but the pain from the retention was 100 times worse.

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    Do you work the same days every month? If so, see if you can get changed to PT status...unless it is a pay cut. I've been weekends in LTC for the last 15+ years. It fits my schedule with kids.

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    I don't go to night clubs either, LOL. I'd love to try school nursing but getting the certification isn't in my budget now

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    Help me understand school nursing or lack there of. (I'm a LTC nurse)

    It is a small Catholic grade school. We have a school nurse from the local school district. She is only there once a month and it isn't to see children but just complete paperwork? I think she goes to all the local Catholic schools in the district.

    So, what happens when the children get sick? What should happen?

    Right now, only inhalers and epi pens are permitted and in the absence of a RN or LPN, the child is only permitted to administer the medication. It doesn't say anything about insulins (we haven't had diabetic children than needed insulin....we did have a child with a pump a few years back) more cough drops at all. A letter came home stating that parent can send in 2-3 cough drops that the home room teacher will keep for the child. The child must take them on their own. This will be fazed out because cough drops are used as "crutches". I get the fact that cough drops, even Ludens non menthol, are considered LTC we need an order for them too.

    I guess I have an issue that we really don't have a school nurse. We had a child that had a seizure once. I think they were told "we can't handle him" I'm assuming this is where the parents would need to get a nurse to go to school with the child?

    Do you have the secretary call the parents to come in to give cough drops? Tylenol? Tums?

    What suggestions do you have for kids with a cough? Sip on water? Cough med at home before school (not really effective)? Keep the kids home for the week or so until the cough subsides?
    Petition the school to become the school nurse in exchange for free tuition? ....if only this was an option! I have my BSN but no school nurse cert!

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    I think we've all worked with someone like this. Try and get in a few minutes early, read thru your 24hr report to see if she missed some thing during verbal report. After you get your verbal report, do a quick round of your patients.

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    Quote from AmeliaBe
    The National Labor Relations Act says that employers cannot prevent employees from discussing wages and working conditions among themselves.
    That's good to know. I guess since said nurse is a supervisor that might make it different. Talking with other staff, I think our big issues isn't about the talking about it but how they came about the information. If it was looking thru employee files, I think it would be a breach of confidentiality. I don't need this person getting a hold of my SS number with my address and other information there.

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    When I accepted an employment offer for a new job three months ago, the recruiter specifically told me not to divulge my salary to others.

    There's a reason for this: in spite of equal opportunity mandates, two different employees with similar experiential levels can be earning drastically different salaries. And, as usual, the employee who earns less money becomes resentful and stirs up issues with management.

    The best way to keep the peace would be to pay everyone the same. However, since this will never happen, the next best thing is to avoid discussing pay or finances.
    And that is why most places have a policy for this.
    Hubby works in car sales as a manager. There are 20 different pay plans for just as many sales persons. It is crazy!

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    While I generally agree, weekends can tend to be crazier because there are less staff.

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    Your right. It really doesn't change the way I do my job, but when you have people that want to get nasty and make comments "let her do it, she gets the big bucks" or "i don't get paid enough do do that" (who does, lol) It will get old.
    I guess I got my panties in a bunch over the fact that the only way this person would have the information would be to have gone thru employee files. (I have nothing to hide in mine....its rather boring!) If you don't like how much you are getting paid, 1. don't take the job 2. talk to your manager 3. let your feet do the walking....quit complaining.

    I'm clueless to what the other nurses are making. I've been there so long I don't know what the new nurses get or new hires. Aint none of my business, I'm happy with what i do get paid. Now...that said, sometimes I wonder if I'm short selling myself especially on those super crazy days.

    Eh...small facilities are grand!

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    Its been years since I really looked at the regs, but could it follow under protecting personal property?

    I have to agree with Capecod...PITA but the inventory sheet is necessary. I always make sure we try to complete them within the shift or next day or so. Clothing always goes missing but things like glasses, teeth, walkers, least the family has proof. I only have one family that actually updates it or lets us know when they change items on the inventory.

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    I work LTC and all I do is assess. Is it a head to toe every time? No. In my role as supervisor or floor nurse I do complete head to toes on admission and get a heathy history with the 10 million questions done. Ever other time I interact it is a focused assessment. We assess with our eyes and ears every time you have an interaction. Just because I might not be using my stethosocope it doesn't mean we are not assessing.

    In LTC, there rarely are drs in house (unless they are doing rounds) so we are also formulating a diagnosis too. If I'm calling a dr, I better have a good idea why and wil most often be asked "what are you thinking about this?"