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    LTC RN here. We've been doing respiratory txs for years...I think it was almost 15 years ago the last time I saw an RN in a non vent stetting. We use room air and have the portable nebulizer machines. If they are on O2, we keep that on.

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    Quote from Barnstormin' PMHNP
    I enjoy the posts that have a patient that the Nurse is looking for input on from the other nurses on this board. I am always amazed and fascinated at the clinical knowlege that the many different posters have and how there are so many aspects to patient care. I think that is why the psuedo articles that disguise themselves as clinical facts frustrate me so much. I love nursing and respect the knowlege of my peers and do not like to see this disrespect to the intelligence of nurses.
    This!! I love a good case study too!

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    I brought candy bars in to sell to the staff at work. (we have a loose policy on this) and felt funny when a resident insisted on buying one. (this was LTC). I got bullied into it by them "Listen, I am already on my way to the vending machine so I either buy it from you and support your kids school or give it to the "man" LOL.

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    I'm an occasional poster and lurker.

    I'm not the best with grammar and spelling but I do have to really wonder or scratch my head when some posts are very difficult to read and the poster is asking "did I do something wrong" "should I be fired" or "they are out to get me posts."
    We have a good bit of non English speaking posters...those are recognizable and understandable but as professional nurses we should be able to express ourselves using clear and basic typed words.

    The text speak doesn't bother me that much either.

    I will still read the post and if I feel like I have something worthwhile to add, I normally will post to it.

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    Cranberry seems like a nice area. Bever....not sure. LOL. I'm no help, sorry!

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    I just got some a few months ago too. It was one of those things I knew i needed but for some reason never got it done. Things have been crazy where I work. All I needed was the fear of being dragged into something. It gave me the push. It really is a big weight off my chest!

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    Post in LTC forum too. Lots of great info around there.

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    i love the fact that our new ADM is a nurse!

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    This might get a better response in the general nursing section.

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    yeah, this!

    Quote from CountryMomma
    I have had a coworker call out for not enough sleep. She wasn't punished... it was her PTO...

    ...but none of us felt very kindly towards her after absorbing her shift, her excuse spread through the gossip channels, and people stopped being willing to trade shifts with her, cover for lunch, etc.

    You had time to sleep.

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    My facility pays for it. We've had local EMS come in to do the class and the last time it was a hospice agency's educator who did it for us. Not sure if they charged the facility or did it for a kick back type of thing and just charged for the cards.

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    Once you get into a routine, it will be okay. Moving around from place to place with out LTC background could be tough. Your ICU skills will be useful when assessing residents. Things get missed without a careful eye! Other skills will be used too...we start our own IVs and do a good bit of off hour blood draws!
    Good luck!

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    Yikes, I couldn't imagine doing agency in LTC and not having LTC experience.

    Will your agency send you to the same facility? Is this a long term assignment?

    I have to agree...the 1:10 is a lie unless they are including nurses in with the CNAs? Even then it doesn't add up.

    I would go thru and read some of the "new nurses in LTC" threads in the Geriatric/ LTC section.

    Will you be house supervisor and/ or work the cart?

    Organization is key. I work part time, so I try to come in a few more minutes early and read up on the 24 hour report for the last week or so. Get a census sheet and take brief notes. That way during report you have an idea what is going on with the residents. I like to know who is A&O, crushed meds, thickened fluids, fluid restrictions, IVs and any on going issues. For the most part, most of the residents are stable and do sleep at night. Its helpful to know the last prn pain med. (most get them on the 9pm round, so I will then know who is due early in the shift)
    Start with the 12 a med pass and get the few treatments that need to be done then. Some IVs need hung then too.
    After that i do the restocking/ checking the supplies and getting a list together for ordering.
    Checking the lab book (labs from the PIC lines, specemins etc)
    More charting

    6 am med pass is a bit heavier with am accu checks and meds.

    11-7 does the line changes too.

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    Well.. I see there is a certification in college nursing.

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    norco/ vocodin, percocet, oxycodone, oxycontin, Roxinal ....meds we see a lot for pain.