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    I just can't imagine. How horrible. I do have to ask, "what was the staff thinking?" I understand that the adm might not have wanted to sound the alarm and send these people out but the nurses?? If there was any reason to disobey the administration, this would be one of them.

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    Athletic directors can be anyone with a sports background and don't always mean they have any medical or athletic training. My husband is an AD and he is clueless on these matters.

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    I'm confused. Were you written up or do you want to write up the CNA?

    Sounds like the CNA needs more of an orientation or help with time management. Is she new to the job and new to being a CNA?

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    Wowsa! So many things to say about this one!!!
    How do the other RNs feel about her?? As an RN, I would love to have a few words with her.

    I'm not sure anything you say to her would help. Sounds like she needs an education on scope and practice. Can you speak to your sdc and ask them to talk with her?

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    OP, please come back and update us when you can. I'm interested in finding out how things are going.

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    Quote from purplegal
    By the way, my boyfriend also agrees there's not much point to me working if I can't get an ICU nursing or any hospital job
    And what experience or background does he have? Is he in HR?

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    Never offered one with any of my 5 kids. Now aged 18-8. I do remember the peri bottle. Life savers!

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    I would love to hear responses from the law enforcement side. This is just so crazy!

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    Another post in a different thread got me thinking about this med.
    Do you carry the nasal or injectable forms in your E Box?

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    Oh...hell no! We are a similar issue with this. I really don't want to be the nurse on duty when residents are sneaking or signing out, getting wasted and then coming back into the facility. BUT...for some reason this seems to happen. What needs to happen is the MD needs to sign a no LOA order. If they sneak out or leave without an order, they should be considered AMA or elopement and then discharged from the facility.
    We should be able to drug test too. yes...we have narcan on hand, but for real???

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    30 residents on an evening shift won't be that bad. Might be a good way to get your feet wet again.

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    Yikes. I would be working with the MDs and pharmacists to get the list of meds whittled down....especially all the extra MVIs etc.

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    LPNs can be supervisors, staff development coordinators MDS nurses and the list goes on in LTC. Since you wil be a supervisor, I would go up to her and ask her about last week.

    Sounds like it will be interesting. LTC is not for the faint of heart.

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    I've always wanted to move/ work in that area. My oldest will probably be going to school in DC.

    I'm from Southwestern PA and work in Ltc and make $35/hr. I would hope the pay would be higher in DC

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    I detest our Event reports and would love to redo them. They are way too basic and really don't tell me much but instead, they rely on the witness statement forms that no one fills out. I remember complaining about a three page incident report our old company had us complete. I would love to got back to them and get rid of the current form and process. For most events i get a general location, check off for a fall and then that is it. The witness statements do not inlude much. Ask a CNA to fill it out and I get "found Mary on floor and called for nurse. Nurse looked at Mary and then we picked her up and got her to bed" yep....that's about it.