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For Whom The Bell Tolls

As my favorite author, Erma Bombeck, once said: "There is no way that your foot will ever get well as long as there is a horse standing on it." In my case, that means I won't get well until there is less stress in my life, and the only way to have less stress in my life is to get away from its source. Today, I finally came to understand that my once-loved job is that metaphorical beast, and it's not only standing on my foot but grinding it into the dirt, crushing the delicate bones to powder... Read More →

Mental Health Awareness Month

Raise your hands: How many readers know that in addition to mothers and deceased war veterans, the month of May is dedicated to mental health awareness? Give yourself a gold star for the day if you were able to lift a palm in the affirmative. Most Americans---including healthcare professionals!---don't have a clue. And if you, like me, are someone who cares about mental health, it should alarm you that statistics show as many as one in four Americans is affected, either... Read More →

(Remember) Walking In the Sand

"I Had A Life---But My Job Ate It" proclaims the bumper sticker I just put on our 13-year-old Ford. I don't usually adorn my vehicles with stickers---I've always thought they were sort of tacky---but considering all that's gone on in the past few weeks, it's quite appropriate. I bought the sticker in a funky little gift shop, the kind that can only be found in beach towns like the one my husband and I visited yesterday. We'd gone there on strict physician's orders---my psychiatrist and I... Read More →

Quo Vadis?

Life, as my grandmother used to say is a very odd little live through five or six decades, fashioning an existence that (hopefully) reflects your values, and learning to be at peace with who you are and where you're going. Then suddenly "stuff" gets real, and you find yourself standing at a crossroads where you're given a list of choices as to where you want to go next; the only option you don't have is staying where you are. I just arrived at that intersection yesterday. And I... Read More →

Ol' Roy

A gaunt, elderly gentleman in bib overalls appeared in front of the ancient farmhouse, smoking an unfiltered cigarette and watching me closely as I pulled off the road into the dusty driveway. Next to him stood a dark-haired woman who seemed at first glance to be young enough to be his granddaughter, but whose face, upon closer inspection, was almost as weathered as his. The two greeted me warmly, if a bit cautiously, as I stepped onto the porch. As I've done many times in my career, I had... Read More →

Everything I Know About Life.......

Am I the only person around here who's sappy enough to have owned a copy of that adorable poster with all the things someone learned about life in kindergarten? As cliche'd as it all sounds now, I've never forgotten such pithy sayings as "Hold hands when you're crossing the street" and "Wash your hands BEFORE you go to the bathroom". Oh, wait.....that was nursing school, not kindergarten. Oops. I was trying to focus on my weekly nutrition-at-risk report this afternoon when the memory of that... Read More →

You Can't Go Home Again

It was just an ancient nursing home, with Vander lifts parked in the too-narrow hallways and the hustle and bustle of staff members on their way to answer the constant shrieks of tab alarms. Located on top of what must be the biggest ant hill this side of the Rockies, it was utilitarian and built for efficiency, not looks, although the powers that be kept trying to improve it by installing hardwood floors and elegant lighting systems in the hallways. I tried telling them once that it was pretty... Read More →

You See, It's Like This........

"Hey, you should've been there when I finally let Arwen have it," Sarah (not her real name) tells me as we sit down in the nondescript break room of our assisted living facility to sip go-go juice and discuss our weekends. She's telling me this because I think her live-in dipwad---excuse me, significant other---is a horse's patootie who sponges off her and treats her like last week's garbage. "You'd have been proud of me...I threw all his junk out the window, then I told him where to go and how... Read More →

The Stranger Within: One Year Later

It's always been a source of wonder and amusement to me that during my frequent searches for an item I've misplaced, I always seem to find something else that brings back a memory or two. And, like many of the elderly Moms and Pops at the assisted living community where I work, I often get so lost in the new distraction that I completely forget what I was doing before. It happened again earlier this evening as I was going through some of my old blog entries here on AN and ran across a piece... Read More →

After Nursing: Is There Life Out There?

I knew it was too good to last forever. Today, in a meeting with my company's regional director of operations and the corporate nurse consultant, my Executive Director and I learned that we will both probably be let go if our building doesn't pass our re-survey next month. We got our butts handed to us during the exit interview last time, and we've had some challenges that have put us behind schedule in getting the new programs up and running in response to the problems found during the... Read More →

Three Clicks of a Mouse

As those who study the social habits of humans have observed, Internet forums are a reflection of society as a whole, no matter how exclusive the community. And as the spate of recent threads here on Allnurses indicates, the events at Sandy Hook Elementary School have spurred many a debate about the Second Amendment......and as an unfortunate by-product, the rights of citizens with mental illness. Strangely, nowhere is the latter issue more divisive than in the healthcare professions. We... Read More →

New Year, Norovirus, and Me

Ever notice that your values change when you're throwing up? "I don't care about my new $200 shoes.......BLAAAARGH!" Lord, I hate being sick. Especially THIS kind of sick. It's been four or five days (I've lost count) and I still feel like death warmed over, but I think I may be on the downside of this thing. Maybe. The thunder and lightning in my tummy have ceased; I've even been able to eat a little, although my "meals" would make a fashion model's plate look like a banquet. But I'm no... Read More →

The Wise Nurse Speaks

From the Book of Wisdom (which is one of the books in the Apocrypha of the Old Testament): "Wisdom is glorious, and never fades away, and is easily seen by those who love her and is found by those who seek her......For she goes about seeking such as are worthy of her, and she shows herself to them cheerfully in the ways, and meets them with all providence." In more down-to-earth terms: If nursing doesn't make one something of an expert on human nature, nothing does. And if we don't learn... Read More →

The Sad Nurse Speaks

The phone call I've been dreading comes at 0217. It's my night shift med aide, who informs me through tears that our much-loved resident, Evie*, has passed away after lingering for days in an unresponsive, but obviously uncomfortable state. She has required morphine every hour and Ativan every 2 hours around the clock, as well as sublingual atropine to combat the secretions that made her respirations sound like the rumbling of faraway thunder. At this same time, I can hear the death throes... Read More →

The Humorous Nurse Speaks

As a lifelong student of human foibles, I often find myself marveling at the number of undignified situations we blunder into on any given day. I mean, have you ever been so excited to meet a celebrity that you had to glance down at your name tag before you could tell her who you were? (Yup...happened to me.) Or done a face-plant in the geraniums while rushing to clean up the lawn fudge just as the hunky yard man arrives? I bet you had at least a snicker at the mental pictures, whether... Read More →