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Night Nurse III: Slip-Slidin' Awaaaaaaay

Here's another Night Nurse story, if you want it. Actually, this tale begins in the early evening: a time of day when hospital life starts to wind down and all the doctors, therapists, families, and administrators head for the exits. It was a time of day when we could usually take a short break before the HS festivities ensued, with the typical flurry of toileting, meds, and wound treatments. Unfortunately for us night nurses, it was also the time of day when our environmental services... Read More →

Night Nurse II: I Tawt I Taw A Puddy-Tat!

Just when you think you've seen it all............well, that's when you realize how much there is out there that you HAVEN'T seen. Being the veteran of several years on Med/Surg, I figured that I'd encountered just about every type of patient and family. There was the 99-year-old who'd never been in a hospital in her life, and her sixteen relatives who occupied the room throughout her entire stay. The 22-year-old frequent flyer who came in at least monthly with blood sugars in the 1200s and... Read More →

Night Nurse: Just Call Me "Grace"

I once destroyed a patient room in less than five minutes. I'm not kidding. Now, I have been blessed with a good many talents, but the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time is not among them. My mother used to say I could trip over smoke. I'd walk over to a window to look outside and knock myself half-senseless when my forehead got there a split second before the rest of me. I once even lost my balance in an outhouse and dropped a five-cell flashlight down the hole during my one... Read More →

The Patients Who Break Your Heart

From the earliest days of nursing school, when we were taught never to become "too involved" with our patients, we nurses find ourselves balancing precariously on the gossamer thread that separates caring for people and caring about them. Being only human, of course, we sometimes cross the line despite our best efforts........and the nurse whose restless dreams are unpopulated by the ghosts of past patients must surely be a rare bird indeed. I'll never forget: .........The 29-year-old... Read More →

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