What to expect from my RN refresher preceptorship?

  1. 0 I am a foreign nurse who passed the NCLEX-RN last year and then enrolled for a refresher class. I am coming to the last stretch which consist to a 96 hours preceptorship on a general medecine floor. I am a little nervous.
    1. Any advice? tips?
    2. What is a typical 8 hours shift like?
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    hi there i was happy to see your post but i felt bad to see no one even answered. im really curious about how dis your refresher preceptorship went? i am a filipina nurse graduated 2007 but i just got here last year. im a new rn too. im still unemployed right now. im dying to have a job but im overly anxious as well as to what type of experiemce i'll be going through if ill get hired on a foreign country, with foreign colleagues. i havent practicing nursing for 3 years now so i feel like a newbie again. im so scared. it looks like im kind of having inferiority complex at this point..
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    Hello RNmanou, I just saw your question here. I am a DNP student. My capstone project is on effective strategies for transitioning West African educated nurses in the United States. it is unfortunate that after a refresher course you still have to ask questions about what to expect when in the workforce. I expect by now you are working and hopefully had a good transitional experience.
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