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Video CE?

  1. 0 Tonight at work I just got an email sayihg that I would be getting a nursing student to precept. Then I had an "oh, crap" moment; how am I going to teach a student? Even though, I've been a nurse almost three years, I don't feel like I know anything.

    I learned in nursing school that I just don't retain information from books; that practical experience is what sticks with me. So I was wondering if anyone know of any good video CE/educational sites for nurses? I'd love to continue my education in a way that is most beneficial to my particular way of learning.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    God Bless,

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    Have you talked to the Educator in your facility? Does your state require continuing education? There is a lot of stuff online and Western Schools offers it via mail as well. I am concerned that you had no training to be a preceptor. First I would search for help on that task then go for the continuing ed. Right now you know more than the student.