Those that took the certification test

  1. 0 Can you bring in paper to scribble on or it is supplied?
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    Are you looking at the CMSRN exam or the RN-BC?
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    CMSRN. I like to write things down, esp when stressed. If I can scribble out labs on paper, I seem to work through them quicker. Weird I know.
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    I took the ANCC cert and they give you paper and pencil.
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    Yay, that's good to hear. Hopefully the AMSN will be the same.
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    I just passed the CMSRN this month. They will give you pencil and paper. I wish you success on the test!!!
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    I just passed the ANCC exam today and they provided me with paper and pencil. Generally at the testing sites they do not allow you to bring anything in the room with you, unless they provide it to you.

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