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Switching from LTC to Med/Surge?

  1. 0 Hello everyone,
    I got my RN license in 2006 and had to go into LTC because I needed to get a visa sponsor and only LTC was willing to do it. I got 3 years of Ventilator unit experience out of it at a long-term acute care hospital. Now that I have a work permit to work anywhere I wish, I would like to go back to hospital nursing. I got one interview at a major hospital in Manhattan, but didn't get the job. All other hospitals are not even calling me although I applied. I am applying for positions at nursing homes, but really prefer to work at a hospital. What can I do to make myself more marketable for the hospital acute care and Med/Surge type units? Most units require about 2 years of experience in that particular specialty. I definitely qualify for acute care med/surge positions if there is no requirement like that, and I would think I am more qualified than a new grad. I also speak fluent Japanese and Russian and have medical translation/interpreting experience, which makes me even more marketable. What can I do to get into the hospital med/surge field? Any advice is appreciated.
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    Be fully honest with the interviewer. You'll get a job if it's meant to be. You won't if there's ever any dishonesty.