School prep for clinical practice

  1. 0 Do you feel nursing education prepared you to assist patients with pain management?
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    Is this for school?
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    I certainly ADN's pharmacology course teacher had her nursing background in Oncology so I feel that we were taught more "openly" about different pain medications and how and when to administer/advocate.

    Didn't hurt that I started on a very busy med-surg floor that should have equipped us with PEZ dispenser's!!!

    (I probably would have been freaked out at first but I teched on an Onco floor for a bit a learned a lot from watching those nurses AND patients too...which did not come close to my med-surg floor)
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    The greatest part of my pain management knowledge was learned after I graduated. I found that experience and working along side older and wiser nurses taught me more than a text book.

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