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PO intake with gastroparesis

  1. 0 Question... I had a pt who had been on continuous tube feedings via NG tube for quite some time. An ERCP was done, which showed gastroparesis (among other things) which explained the high residuals this pt was having. The MD pulled the feeding tube, which made sense to me, but then ordered a low fat, low cholesterol diet... doesn't that seem contradictory? Since the pt has gastroparesis, wouldn't it make more sense to start TPN or keep the tube feedings at either a slower continuous rate or maybe do intermittant feedings? Anyone?
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    we would keep on clears. then progress to low fat low residue diet on our unit.
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    Hm, sounds fishy to me. You sound like you have the right idea with TPN or intermittent feedings. Gastroparesis with PO intake sounds like a good combination if the doctor wants him to vomit.

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