New grad nervous about med surg interview

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    Hi everyone! I graduated in 2010 as an RN, but have not worked since I graduated. I had to stay home with my baby who had a major heart defect. Now I am getting back into looking for a job and I have an interview Tuesday for a Med/Surg internship. I feel very prepared and have the confidence that I will do great, but there is one thing I am nervous about. I am wondering if they will be asking a lot of scenario question. THe hospital I am applying at asks a lot of behavioral questions in their interviews, but not sure if they are big on scenarios. I feel like that will be the only thing that I might stumble on since I have been out of practice for 2 years. Also, since this is an internship position I think they will focis more on behavior vs scenarios. What are your thoughts? Also, I was hired by this hospital before I even passed the NCLEX because the interview was great, but had to turn it down due to my son's health. I'm hoping they take that into consideration that I was good enough to hire before. Wish me luck!!

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