Need team name for Med-Surg team for walkathon Need team name for Med-Surg team for walkathon | allnurses

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Need team name for Med-Surg team for walkathon

  1. 0 [font=book antiqua]hi, i'm new to this site and a relatively new nurse. graduated in '03, been working since march of '04 at a local hospital on the med-surg unit.

    never, never boring!!

    i need help with a team name. somehow i have been voted team captain for our unit's walking team. we are walking as a unit to raise money for alzhiemer's research--but we want a team name.

    we have med-surg...inators

    and north bay nightingales :angel2:

    any other suggestions?

    thanks, kim

    ps the director vetoed the bedpan brigade and the pooper scoopers, wonder why?
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    how about 'drug pushers'.


    It'll get noticed, anyway.

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    drug pushers is pretty accurate, at least in my past med/surg life.. :chuckle
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    The Arrhythmics
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    Quote from Angie O'Plasty
    The Arrhythmics

    Someone suggested 'drug pushers', painful but true!

    Thanks for the's a hard one. I think, since they put me in charge, I'm gonna put my personal favorite on the shirts and call it a day.

    Maybe next time they won't put me in charge......that'll teach 'em!

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    So what did you decide on?