Low census means low acuity??????????????

  1. To all Nurse Managers: Why is it that management thinks that just because the census is low that means that the acuity is low? If the census is high, we are told to get moving. If the census is low, we are told it should be a good day. (?????) Each nurse still has the same amount of patients. I don't understand this thought process. Can anyone explain?
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  3. by   westieluv
    No, I can't explain, but it's actually when the census is low that you can have the worst days because you have a greater chance of getting slammed with admissions. IMHO, it's a lot easier starting out with a full house and keeping the same patients the entire shift because you can't get any admissions when the unit is full.
  4. by   Stcroix
    I am on a cardiac tele floor. When our census is low, we get admits that would normally go to medical floors, so for us, the overall acuity does go down.
  5. by   clezalla
    I would love to have a low acuity overall on our med-tele floor. Usually it's pretty high regardless of census.