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Best Med/Surg Certification Prep Book

  1. 0 Hi guys,

    I am planning to take CMSRN soon. I need your advice on what book i need to use for preparation for test. and, how did you prepare for the test?
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    I'm scheduled to take the CMSRN on Feb 27th. I'm so nervous!

    I took a 10 week course offered through a local university that my job paid for. It was pretty intense and covered all the systems and then some. The books they recommended were the ones on the AMSN website. They are both very informative. I can see referring back to them again and again.

    Others that I know have just used NCLEX to study with and others have hardly studied at all.

    Good luck!
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    tokmom, do you still have your review book from the AMSN website?
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    I do..