Where is My COT?

  1. Resident admitted to SNF 7/2. 5dPPS ARD scheduled for day 8 (7/9). Resident had 5 days OT participation and 5 days PT participation for combined total of 496 minutes resulting in RHA. 14dPPS scheduled for day 15 (7/15). Again the resident had 5 days OT and 5 days PT for a total of 510 minutes resulting in RVA. There really is no CHANGE in therapy per se, but the additional 14 minutes over the course of the 5 days increased the RUG. I'm sure a COT will be required, but I'm not sure exactly where the COT actually started. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   Talino
    The COT would have been 7/16.

    Since your 14 day ARD is 7/15, the COT is null. The RVA will be paid from 7/15.

    Granting the RVA rx mins would still have been achieved, had you combined your 14-day w/ a COT ARD 7/16, the RVA payment would have commenced 7/10.
  4. by   ladibug787878
    I see that this is from a couple weeks ago...

    First off, I would be yelling at my therapy company for missing an RV rug by 4 mins on the 5 day assessment day 8 (7/9)
    Since you did the the 5 day on day 8 (7/9) your first COT would be affective 7 days later (7/15) and since if really was increased you can do a combined 14 day/COT for 7/15 and it would pay day 9 thru. Hope this helps!