WHEN TO USE R/R or N5 on Ard 8

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    Please help I am new to MDS just when i think I have it figured out something new comes up. right now question is, when do I code return/ readmit vs. just N5. The resident has been admitted before with complete assess, CAA and careplan goes to hospital and comes back.
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    If you are asking when to do A0310B=1 versus A0310B=6 then refer to MDS 3.0 RAI Manual pages 2-45 and 2-46.
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    it was explained to me this way. There is only one 5-day PPS in a cycle. Any hospital stay is a return/re-entry. Once that medicare stay is over, and you go only to OBRA again, a subsequent Medicare stay would have another 5-day, then return/re-entry though for each hospitalization thoughout that stay. But, look now, we shouldn't be having these re-turn/re-entries come October 1st!