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New Grad RN MDS

  1. 0 I have just started as an LPN MDS under an MDS coordinator, I will be taking my NCLEX next spring. I have 6yrs RN experience in med/surg-tele, homecare, mental health, LTC. I am excited about my new MDS position but unsure as a new grad if I should stay. I would like some input on whether staying in the MDS position as a New grad RN is a good move for my career in the future or should I try to get into a new grad position in a hospital..mind you that New grad positions are hard to find in my area of the country. I am afraid to choose and have it be the wrong path and prevent me from doing other things in the future.
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    tlc365 has '1' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Med-Surg, Psych, Corrections, Peds homec'. From 'Lake Havasu City AZ'; Joined Jan '07; Posts: 94; Likes: 24.

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