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medicare assessment

  1. 0 resident goes to the hospital 3/3 admission/5D is done on 3/2, returns to facility on 3/5. entry needs to be done but do i do readmission/entry or 5 day. been told two different things. can anyone help me????
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    The RAI Manual is very clear (pages 2-45 and 2-46).

    • Is the first Medicare-required assessment to be completed when the resident is first admitted for SNF Part A stay.
    • Is the first Medicare-required assessment to be completed when the Part A resident is re-admitted to the facility following a discharge assessment – return not anticipated or if the resident returns more than 30 days after a discharge assessment-return anticipated.

    Readmission/Return Assessment
    • Completed when a resident whose SNF stay was being reimbursed by Medicare Part A is hospitalized, discharged return anticipated, and then returns to the SNF from the hospital within 30 days and continues to require and receive Part A SNF-level care services. Under these conditions, the entry tracking record completed upon return to the SNF will be coded as a reentry with Item A1700 = 2.