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  1. 0 I'm retraining myself with the 3.0, since I've been out for a few years, but I started MDS work prior to the PPS, in the dark ages. Anyway- leave it to youtube to even cover this topic. You can find anything MDS related imaginable there, in lecture and PP presentations, and etc.
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    welcome back to our crazy world!! 3.0 is a whole nother ball of wax, lemme tell ya!! 2.0, that was a walk in the park when compared to 3.0. I could and did handle so much more with 2.0 and "other duties as assigned", but 3.0, no way. I had 90 with 22 med a with 2.0 I had time to spare, with 3.0... not so much, if any to spare..... anyways..... welcome back!
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    I am trying to get a MDS certificate, I saw there are free online courses to take but I cannot find them Please post a link to online free mds coordinator classes if you can thankx

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