LPN MDS coordinator course

  1. So after 2 months of job search as a floor LPN, I've failed to find one and decided to pursue another certification. Many people told me that it's good to have MDS certification, but I honestly don't know much about it. So far I've found out that AANAC provides an online course but how does this work? how long is it? and what does it mean by "this course cannot be used as an elective for either RAC-CT or C-NE certification."??
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  3. by   savoytruffle
    RAC-CT is the basic MDS cert that AANAC offers. I found it very very helpful and makes you worth much more, especially if you plan to stay in LTC and you work in a case mix state. You need the core curriculum and a few electives to meet the minimum courses to apply for certification. You cannot apply the same electives to two different certifications that the organization offers. I have been a member and certified for a few years and I really like them. They have great networking and resources online. I no longer work in MDS but I keep up my cert because I am still in a SNF. they have info on survey issues, regs, trends, and concerns for LTC. Once you take the courses, you have 90 days to pass all exams. Hope this helps
  4. by   addie80
    I am a LPN & would like to start online coures for MDS coordinator but I understand that some states you have to be a RN. I'm trying to find out what states allow LPN to work in that position. How do I find that out?
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    In Massachusetts the MDS needs to be signed as complete by an RN since it is considered an assessment and LPNs cannot assess, they can only gather information, so many SNFs have LPNs do the actual MDS and the RN sign them.
  6. by   addie80
    Thanks capecod, I really aprreciate that iformation.
  7. by   caldwellwenda
    Texas does the same
  8. by   DavidKarl
    It's up the SNF, whether to have an LPN or RN do the MDS. It's not a state issue. Since they have to be signed as completed, by an RN, some DONs don't want that bother having to sign them, so they will only hire an RN. Based on staffing though- if the MDS Coordinator is taking up an RN slot, the DON/ADON may have to work the floor at times, be on call, etc, to keep RN hours within check. But lots of places don't want to pay RN wages, either. But lots of places also feel an RN is a requirement. As an LPN, half the MDS jobs I took were advertised as 'must be an RN'. It's as convoluted as the MDS itself.
  9. by   andy3k
    Some states have a nursing act that requires comprehensive assessments to be done by RNs. In those states, the RN must perform the comprehensive assessment and sign complete. Quarterly and PPS/OMRA assessments obviously don't require an RN to perform. This rule is sometimes disregarded but it exists in some states, never-the-less.