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  1. 0 I worked a a MDS Coordinator for 4 months. Then went back to working on floor Now want to get back to MDS at another facility. Having diificulty finding job. They want someone with more exoerience. What can I do? I am RAC-CT from AANAC.
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    I don't usually see too many MDS-RNAC positions open up too often. Good coordinators in good facilities are usually there until they retire or voluntarily move on to something else. Of course positions do open when current position-holders terminate because of poor performance. While some places do advertise openings, they freq will fill their positions from within-house, like with a unit manager or supervisor. Makes sense as those nurses already know the residents and have a working relation with other depts.

    Only thing I can think of would be for you to provide your resume with a letter of interest to various LTC facilities within your desired location. Ask if they would retain it for future consideration.

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