Fatal Error Message-Not sure why

  1. Resident admitted to SNF post Rt Knee Arthroplasty that developed stitch abcess for continued rehab and antibiotics. On day 7 Ortho Doctor placed her on bedrest and suspended therapy due to concern for DVT and did not resume therapy. ARD was for day 8. I combined the 5 day assessment with A0310C=3, which gave a Z0100A RUG of RMA15. After submission to QIES got a Fatal Error message -3804 In consistent HIPPS code: If A0310C equals 1 or 3, then the first character of Z0100A calculated by the QIES ASAP must equal R. The QIES recalculated score was AAA00. Should I have not combined the 5 day with A0310C=3 and submitted them separately as a 5 day Comprehensive and then another on day 10 as an EOT? What did I do wrong?
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  3. by   Talino
    The EOT would be completed to classify the beneficiary into a non-therapy RUG group beginning on the day after the last day of therapy provided.
    Since the score remained a therapy RUG, the combo becomes fatal. Just do a separate stand-alone EOT w/ ARD day 2 or 3 whichever yields a non-therapy RUG.
  4. by   ibtootie
    Thank you Talino!