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  1. 0 Patient has been in SNF since 9/22/11 receiving IV Antibiotics only. 14 day ARD done on 10/6/11 resulting in RUG CA1. On 10/7 patient starts PT only for gait training with cane. ARD for SOT 10/13/11 resulting in RUG RMA. 30 day assessment scheduled for 10/21. Patient misses therapy 10/21, 10/22, and 10/23, so EOT-R OMRA combined with 30 day assessment which set the RUG back to CA1. Patient resumes therapy on 10/24 and 10/25 and is released from therapy on 10/25, having 106 minutes of Physical therapy for those 2 days. Remains in SNF until 11/1 to finish his antibiotics. Since I captured the resumption of therapy 10/24 on the EOT-R, do I need to do an EOT for 10/25, or should I still do an SOT to capture the therapy on 10/24 and 10/25?
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    Capture the therapy for those 2 days then you'll need an EOT, looks like on 10/26? Is that the 1st day w/o therapy? It likes by you're explanation there will be more than 3 days w/o therapy. Does that make sense?