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    Resident quarterly due march 8th, but the resident went to hospital on march 7th, when do I do the Quarterly?

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    If a resident is discharged return anticipated, returns within 30 days, and does not meet the criteria for SCSA, you can reset the Quarterly ARD. (See RAI, p2-29 Assessment Management Requirements..., bullet #2 and the example)

    Although the example chose day 4 as the ARD, the MDS 3.0 does not specify how soon or how late you can set the ARD. The MDS 2.0 did specify the MDS must be "completed" no later than 14 days upon reentry. On or before the 7th day would be a preferable ARD.
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    It is on page 2-35 "If a SCSA is not indicated and an OBRA assessment was due while the resident was in the hospital, the facility has 13 days after reentry to complete the assessment (this does not apply to Admission assessment)."

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