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  1. Hello,

    Have an upcoming interview at TMC in their pedi float pool. Was wondering if anyone was familiar with the floating hospital or their pedi orientation period. I current have 3 years pedi outpatient nursing experience.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   NeoPediRN
    I interviewed for that position three times in five years, with a strong background in peds. The interviews were scattered, it was a new nurse manager every time, human resources was unresponsive, and the nurses on Floating 7 were absolutely miserable because they were running on skeleton staffing, back to back admissions with a six patient load on day shift. I transferred an unstable (low BP) GI bleeding baby with a trach and central line, and they sent the child to the floor instead of the PICU. It was the nurse's 7th patient and she was out of her mind upset because of the workload. I would caution you to just be careful and if you don't feel like it's safe then go with your gut. Hopefully things improved since the last time I interviewed.