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  1. 0 Can someone please tell me where I would look to an RN office job. I have checked on indeed.com and monster.com. Should I be looking a staffing agencies?Thank you!
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    I've seen ads on craigslist before.
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    Thank you. I will check it out
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    Hi there,

    BIDMC are currently looking for a full-time office-based RN in Needham, MA. I have attached a link below, I hope this helps. x

    https://sjobs.brassring.com/1033/asp/tg/cim_jobdetail.asp?SID=^PT3HS1EFavbul4Ybf3pFv8KGaO3 JqyvpxgCoINh5eWJ7G1e6OUJY3Lqy4nWQdxfD&jobId=143459 &type=search&JobReqLang=1&recordstart=1&JobSiteId= 5252&JobSiteInfo=143459_5252&GQId=831
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    Thank you so much. I actually saw that the other day and applied for it.Thank you lots.. 😊
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    Awesome. Good luck, I've got my fingers crossed for you.